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What Is “Ok Google,” And What Can It Do?


Google Assistant is Google’s Amazon Alexa version and Apple’s Siri. It is one of the most advanced, dynamic, and innovative assistants available.

Google Assistant has been spread far and wide by Google. Not only does it use its own hardware, but there are partnerships with other companies. Assistant is now available in a variety of devices such as fridges and headphones, speakers, and even cars.

This video explains how Google Assistant works. It also reveals what you need about Google’s AI.

What Is Google Assistant, And How Can It Help You?

Google Assistant can be described as Google’s voice assistant. Google Assistant was launched as an extension to Google Now. The goal was for it to be personal and extend on Google’s existing “OK Google” voice controls.

Google Now found the relevant information first. It knew about your interests and where you worked.

Google Now has long been dead. Assistant, however, is available in the same area. Assistant combines these personalized elements and a wide range of voice control. Google Assistant supports voice or text entry. It will follow the conversation regardless of which entry method you use.

Setting Up Google Assistant On Android

Google Assistant is already pre-installed for Android devices. To use “OK Google” and “Hey Google,” you need to enable them.

  1. Open Google and tap on the three dots in the bottom-right corner. Next, click “Settings.”
  2. Tap “Voice,” followed by “Voice Match.”
  3. Click the slider to the right on the Voice Match screen to turn on Hey Google.

How To Set Google Assistant Up On An Iphone/Ipad

Siri used the ability to add Google Assistant. Siri could then ask Siri to use Google Assistant to search for you. Unfortunately, this function was removed. This function was also previously possible by setting up a shortcut that would restore the feature. However, this option has been discontinued.

To use Google Assistant on iPhone, you will need the Assistant app open each time.

  1. Install the Google Assistant app – this is different from the Google app that you may have already installed – and launch it. Log into your Google account if asked.
  2. Tap the microphone icon in the bottom right corner of the main page.
  3. Google Assistant will immediately start listening. You can give it a command or query, and it will respond.

What Is Google Assistant Capable Of Doing?

Google Assistant is capable of voice commands, voice searching, and voice-activated device control. Once you’ve said “OK Google” or the “Hey Google,” it will allow you to complete a range of tasks. It can be used to have conversational interactions.

Google Assistant will:

  • Control your devices and manage your smart home
  • Access information about your calendars or other personal information
  • Information online: Find out everything you need, from directions to restaurant bookings to the weather and the latest.
  • Music control
  • Chromecast compatible devices or Chromecast allow you to access content
  • Run timers or reminders
  • Set up appointments and get in touch
  • Open apps on your mobile phone
  • You can read your notifications
  • Real-time spoken translations
  • Play games

Continued conversation means that you don’t have to say “Hey Google!” for follow-up inquiries. Instead, Google listens without you needing to use a trigger phrase every time you talk to it. Google can also identify the voice profiles of different people and tailor responses accordingly. You can also ask Google for multiple things at once.

Google Assistant is smarter and more informed because it understands your context. This is important because it gives voice commands more power and doesn’t react to only specific phrases. It is more than reactive.

Check in to your flight is possible (depending on airline and destination), and you can book a room together with some partners. You also have the option to use the Interpreter Mode on Google Nest devices as well as smart displays. You can also ask Google Assistant to translate your conversation into dozens of languages. Just say, “Hey Google. Help me translate Spanish” to activate Interpreter Mode. This allows you to receive real-time spoken and written translations that will aid your conversation.

Google Assistant for Nest devices is the basis of smart home control. It is compatible with many devices. You can control heating, lights, and much more using your voice.

Which Devices Support Google Assistant?

Google Assistant was originally launched for the Google Pixel smartphones. It is now available on all Android devices.

Google Assistant is natively available to Google Nest, formerly Google Home smart speakers. However, it’s also widely supported on Smart Speakers by third-party manufacturers such as Sony and Sonos.

Smart home devices like Philips HUE and Ikea’s Smart range can all be controlled by Google Assistant. It’s not limited to Google Nest. Assistant can also be used wherever you want it to.

How Do You Know If Your Phone Has Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is available on your smartphone. To verify, press the “OK Google” button or hold the home button. After that, you can start Assistant. You can then type or speak to have the Assistant respond. Usually, when you set up an Android, you will be asked to configure the Assistant.

Google Assistant On Phones

Google Assistant is available for Android phones. The AI system is also available on all new models. Google Assistant can also be used on devices with another AI system like Samsung Bixby. Google Assistant will be available on your Android phone.

Assistant can still respond to your Android phone even if the lock is off. If you choose to opt-in through your settings, you can also opt into personal questions.

Google Assistant can also be used on iPhones. However, it has some limitations.

Google Assistant In Apps

Google Assistant, available for both Android and iOS, can assist you with navigation in Google Maps. Google Maps allows you to share your ETA, respond to texts, play music, and podcasts, search for locations along your route and add a stop.

Google Assistant can also auto-punctuate a message on Android or iOS phones and can read back and reply (Android only).

Assistant works with many popular SMS and messaging apps, including WhatsApp Messenger, Viber Telegram, Viber, Viber, Viber, Telegram, and Android Messages. Google Assistant calculates your ETA automatically from Google Maps when you drive and can also send it to friends if they have an Android device.

Google Nest Devices

Google Nest speakers, which are directly competing with Amazon Echo, are the company’s direct rival. Nest Audio is a Chromecast-enabled speaker that can be voice-controlled by an assistant. It’s the first port to Google Assistant at home and is constantly growing. There are five Nest speakers currently in stock: the Nest Acoustic (Google Home Max), Nest Micro (second-generation Nest Hut), and Nest Max.

Google Nest devices can be asked to do any function you might ask Assistant for on Android phones. But moving into the home places emphasis on additional services and functions like smart home control, compatibility, and Chromecast to send movies straight to your TV and many more.

Google/Android TV

Android TV also provides Google Assistant on a range of devices. Sony offers Android television across their models, for instance. Sony TVs offer Android TV as well as compatibility with Google Nest and Amazon Alexa. So, you can speak to your TV and control your TV’s lights as well as your TV via your speaker.

Nvidia Shield TV, a set-top box, also supports Google Assistant. The number of popular media devices and entertainment devices that are supported by assistants is continuously growing. TVs from Samsung, as well as DISH’s Hopper family, also include TVs. Google Assistant integrates with your voice and allows you to control the TV’s volume and channel settings, as well as switch between inputs.

Hisense and Philips are the partners of Android TV devices and Google Assistant.

Google’s Google TV interface was launched recently. It is the interface that runs over Android TV.

Earbuds & Headphones

Google Assistant is supported in many wireless headphones, including the Bluetooth 45 and Google’s Google Pixel Buds. Other models include Harman, JBL, and Sony.

You can use this integration to get the AI assistant on your phone. Most often, you simply need to push a button and begin talking with Google Assistant.

Wear OS

Wear OS also supports Google Assistant. By using the wake words, you can ask the Assistant to complete a range of tasks such as turning down the heating or replying to a text message.


Google Assistant is available in cars that support Android Auto. However, Android Automotive recently saw a Google-based user interface in some vehicles, such as Polestar.

Google Smart Displays

Google’s Echo Show is now available in the Nest Hub and Nest hub Max.

JBL, Lenovo, LG, and LG also offer smart displays with Google Assistant. The LenovoSmart Display can be ordered in sizes 7-inch, 8, and 10.1 inches.

The JBL Link Meanwhile has a pair of 10W speakers as well as an 8-inch touchscreen.


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