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The top macOS Menu Bar apps for Apple Macs in 2022


I used to not pay attention to the macOS Menu Bar. I used to fill it up with all sorts of stuff and not give it a second thought.

It’s a crucial part of how I get stuff done every day. This makes using any Mac even more enjoyable.

There is a simple reason. I really spent my time finding the best macOS bar apps. If you don’t know what they are, they are the small icons at the top right of your screen that display the battery status, time, and other useful information.

You will notice an increase in the number and size of app icons on the menu bar as you install more applications. Some will provide more information, while others can be used to shortcut common tasks in the app that they’re associated with.

There are four great macOS menu-bar apps that I found and can’t live on without. They’re extremely affordable and are backed up by four equally fantastic apps.

What is a menu-bar app?

The menu bar can be customized in more ways than many people realize. It can be found at the top of macOS. This is similar to the taskbar in Windows 11. Apart from looking at your time and connecting with your Wi-Fi, the menu bar apps provide a wealth of functions that can be placed on the menu bar.

Many of these apps can boost your workflows and productivity. Instead of looking through the Applications folder and trying to find one function, you can simply click on that app in the Menu bar. It may sound simple but these tools can make your Mac work faster and allow you to have more control over the way you organize your desktop.


TextExpander is something I recently discovered, but I’m not sure why it has taken me so long.

TextExpander is an excellent tool to help you save time and avoid repetitive tasks in emails, forms, or other documents.

TextExpander allows you to hit just a few keystrokes to have all the text automatically inserted for you. It is more efficient than you might think.

TextExpander “snippets”, as they’re commonly called, are simple to set up. These are the things you use every day in your work. Are you tired of entering your regular email sign-off to potential new clients? It’s easy to create a snippet!

TextExpander macOS app for the menu bar offers the fastest way to search and recall hotkey shortcuts. It is amazing.

Quick View Calendar

Quick View is free to download at the Mac App Store. You no longer need to open your preferred Calendar app from the Dock to check a day. Instead, you can access your menu bar and see a calendar ready for browsing.

Quick View provides a monthly view and also shows the week number. There aren’t any other features. It only shows the date. The best thing about Quick View is its ease of use.

It is possible that you are browsing Safari in order to check for an upcoming occasion. A quick hover with your mouse over the menu bar will allow you to quickly check Quick View for relevant information without leaving the browser.

It’s free to download from the Mac App Store, and you can use it for up to a week to determine if it works well in your workflow.


Fantastical has been a fan of mine for a long time.

While there are no issues with the built-in macOS Calendar app, Fantastical does not offer a single feature that makes Fantastical a superior diary: The menu bar app.

Fantastical’s app menu bar is amazing. It’s almost like 1Password. This means I don’t need to go into Fantastical. I just click the app menu and can instantly see a full calendar month view.

It’s great for checking dates.


Krisp, an AI-based Noise-cancellation/echo removal app, can be used with almost all the popular communication apps like Zoom, Hangouts or Teams.

The app can be found in the menu bar on your Mac. You can tap on the icon to perform different tasks like background noise canceling, HD voice recording, and even removing the noise from the side of your participant.

Krisp has a lot to offer. You can use the majority of its functionality using a menu bar icon. All your audio recordings are saved locally to your Mac and never leave your device.

The Krisp app is available for free for unlimited use on your Mac. However, you can only cancel noise for 240 minutes each week. If you don’t have several meetings scheduled per week, the free Tier should be sufficient to meet your needs. You can also purchase the Pro plan if desired.


Bandwidth+ can be used as a simple utility application for your Mac’s Menu Bar. It tracks your Wi-Fi and hotspot data usage to make sure you don’t run low on bandwidth or incur additional charges. There is no need for any configuration. Once you have installed the app, it will automatically begin tracking your data usage.


CheatSheet is another utility for Mac that displays a list of all available shortcuts to the app you are currently using.

The shortcuts will display like a splash screen over the currently active app. Simply install CheatSheet onto your Mac and then press the -Cmd button until you see the list.


MonitorControl is an app you will find useful if your Mac has an external display. This free app allows you to adjust brightness and contrast preferences on your external display using a slider-based user interface.

The app supports the most popular Monitor brands like Acer and Samsung.


The useful app Amphetamine lets you keep your Mac occupied for as long as you want. It prevents your Mac from going into standby or sleep mode. This could be useful for tasks that take a lot of time, such as downloading a file or running a program.

You can either set a time for your Mac to be awake or tell it to stay awake while you are using an app.

IStat Menus

This system utility will position a number of items on your menu bar to monitor the performance and health of your Mac. You can track CPU and GPU performance as well as memory usage. You can also access disk access and network usage. You can also monitor ambient light levels with the built-in system sensors.

iStat Menus can monitor nearly every aspect of your Mac’s performance. It doesn’t take up much of your menu bar’s real estate.


This password management app has been a well-known Mac app for managing passwords. It allows you to access the included full-featured application as well as the menu bar.

The 1Password web extension is capable of handling most web-based login and password needs. With the addition of the menu interface, 1Password may be used with any application as well as any web page. Even if a web page prohibits the use of a password manager, 1Password will still work.

1Password can generate complex passwords, and you won’t have to use duplicate passwords. 1Password keeps your passwords and login information safe in an encrypted database.

1Password is available for single users and a 5-user family, as well business licenses. There is a free 30-day trial.


There have been quite a few weather widgets for the menu bar, but Meteorologist stands out because of the details it can provide and the community of developers/supporters that keep the app up to date. Meteorologist is compatible with up to eight locations. You can choose one of nine weather services.

Provides current weather and a 5-day forecast. You can also customize the display to your own needs.


MacOS has no clipboard manager, so PastePal for Mac is the best way to manage your clipboard history.

PastePal’s app icon can be found in your menu. The app organizes all content copied automatically according to type and source app.

PastePal smartly identifies content types and arranges them in links, hex code, images and more. Because PastePal offers unlimited history, you can use the search option to quickly locate what you have copied from months ago.

PastePal will be even more beneficial if you are part of the Apple ecosystem. PastePal supports iCloud syncing. Additionally, it automatically syncs all your clipboard history across your Apple devices.

Flycut can be used to manage your clipboard history as a free tool. Flycut is a simple app that manages your clipboard history. It does not offer as many features or an intuitive interface as PastePal.

CleanMyDrive 2

CleanMyDrive 2’s menu bar app lets you quickly check the drives attached to your Mac. You can also use this app to see detailed information about hard drives, such as their names and storage space details. You can also change their icons via the CleanMyDrive 2 App.

The app isn’t just useful for cleaning junk files. My favorite feature is the ability to drag and drop files from any drive’s menu bar to copy them quickly. You can also create a global shortcut to safely eject all of your external drives simultaneously using the app.

AirBuddy 2.5

Apple hasn’t introduced a feature to allow you view the battery status for your devices on your Mac. This can make it difficult to connect your AirPods accessory to your Mac. In some cases, they might even connect to the iPhone without you realizing it. AirBuddy 2 can help you solve this problem.

Gui Rambo designed the app. You can easily check your AirPods’ battery status by clicking the AirPods cases on your menu bars. This will display your device status. They need to be connected first to your Mac, but once you have done this, they will display.

You can access other useful features when these are connected with your Mac. You can set the noise cancellation level using a keyboard shortcut or connect them with a nearby device. AirBuddy 2.0 also includes a variety of new features. The most notable is the ability to use AirBuddy with non-Apple Beats devices once they are connected via the Mac.

AirBuddy is a one-time payment that allows you to connect your wireless Apple devices directly to your Mac.


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