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The Best Time Zone Converters For Mobile & Desktop Users


You may be working with colleagues from all over the globe if you work for It can be difficult to arrange a meeting or to have a discussion, especially if you cannot distinguish between GMT, PST, and PDT.

Even if you don’t have meetings scheduled, you can still watch live events around the world via an Internet connection. As long as it is available, you can determine when it begins locally.

To help you keep track of your global appointments, we have compiled the best time zone converters to use on mobile or desktop. This may also help regular travelers choose the best time to call home.

TimeAndDate (Web, iOS, Android)

The DateAndDate converter lets you add past, present, and future dates to up to 11 cities. You can sort the time by country, city or time. It can also display the “UTC Time” in the display result.

This site has a lot of positives. You can jump to the “World Clock” dropdown menu and see the current time in over 1000 cities.

Worldtimebuddy (Web tool)

World Time Buddy is a multifunctional tool that provides a time zone converter, a world clock, and a meeting planner. It is easy to use and allows you to compare the time at different locations around the globe. It allows you to track business hours in different countries, and it also lets you travel.

Greenwich Mean Time (Web tool)

Greenwich means time allows you to convert and compare time differences between different regions. You can also use it to check the time in your city, calculate the season progress and make your own timer using a digital hourglass. (Web) displays the faces of your team along with their current time zone instead of feeling more like a graph. This is a powerful differentiator that helps you identify and locate your team’s time zones.

This site’s biggest problem is the lack of feature updates for almost three years. With that in mind, small teams can take the site for a spin and gain the knowledge and understanding needed to move to a different alternative.

Time Zone Converter – Savvy Time (Chrome Extension)

A browser extension is a useful tool for time zone conversion. Enter Time Zone Convert – Savvy Time. This is, at its core, a time zone/local time converter. There are more than 100,000 cities in 300 time zones, with 12- and 24-hour timelines.

Savvy time is a great tool if you only need to display the time in a different time zone. It’s free, and you can uninstall it and reinstall it as often as you like.

Time Zone Converter – World Time Zones – Clock (Android)

Time Zone Conversion – World Time Zones Clock is the best Android app for time zone conversion. It is easy to add time zones from more than 500 locations around the world with its simple design. The app can still locate a location in the same timezone as your city and name it for you if it doesn’t exist.

A list of your favorite time zones can be quickly found on the home screen. Another plus is the ability to add them as favorites. This app is free, which only makes it more appealing to Android users.

World Clock Time Widget for iOS, watchOS

World Time Widget is a great option for iPhone and iPad users who want something that can be quickly accessed on their mobile devices. Personalization is possible for the app’s look and feels, which is not available in many web tools.

There are hundreds of cities that can be entered, and each will automatically sync in both 12-hour and 24-hour formats. Widget users can view the time, place, and time difference between different locations. iPhone and iPad users can sync their time zones via iCloud, so they only need to do it once. The only problem with the app is that it is subscription-based. This means you will have to pay monthly or annually to access its full feature set. (Web tool) is an easy-to-use timezone converter. You can search for the timezone or location you are interested in. You can also search for timezones in the search field. The results can be viewed as a table, or you can only cover a particular time.

Every Time Zone (Web).

Every Time Zone, which is singularly focused on different time zones around the globe, is a great choice. The site will display some basic time zone information depending on where you are located when you launch it. It is easy to adjust past, present, and future times by moving the slider back and forward.

The potential problem is that you will need to create an account with an existing Gmail account in order to personalize the locations. Once you sign in, your personal location list is automatically saved for easy access.

The “Pro” service allows you to set a timeline, share events via iCal invites, and schedule meetings that work with a global group. Pro membership is available for three users.

Cross-Country Collaboration is worry-free

It doesn’t matter if you are a freelancer or a professional full-time; it is essential to work with people who live in different time zones. To manage differences in time zones, you can use any of these time zone converter tools.

Including any of these tools into your productivity tech stack will increase productivity for you and your team.


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