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The Best Extensions To Your Google Chrome


Google Chrome is the world’s most-used web browser. Although it has some issues with hogging system resources, Google Chrome is a highly capable platform. One of its strengths is the extensive extensions ecosystem. There are thousands upon thousands of Chrome extensions, and you can probably imagine it.

There are literally thousands upon thousands of extensions.

But there’s another problem: Too many extensions can slow down the browser. So I set myself the challenge of identifying the best extensions for Chrome. Extensions that work well, are well-supported and really useful.

Here’s the list that I created — all of these extensions are completely free and work on Windows and Mac as well as Linux.

Evernote Web Clipper

Copy web pages, bookmarks, or chunks of text and save them for later.

Evernote can be a wonderful tool for anyone who is researching a project or simply if they are distracting you from your work.

Once you have found the article you are interested in reading, click on the elephant icon. Evernote will allow you to save the entire article, a simplified copy (without pictures or formatting), a page or a bookmark.

You can choose the notebook to which it should be clipped, and you can add tags or notes if necessary. In a hurry? You can easily clip something in just two clicks. Evernote Web Clipper defaults to saving new clips from the last saved clip.

Evernote Web Clipper can be integrated into the context menu. This allows you to copy, screenshot, or bookmark a page by right-clicking it. Additionally, there are keyboard shortcuts that you can use.

If you have some spare time, log in to using the web application. All your clipped material will be there, ready for you.


Keep all your passwords together and log in automatically

It’s not difficult to remember passwords, so it can be tempting just to use 123456 wherever you go.

LastPass solves that problem by creating strong passwords for each site, keeping it local in an encrypted vault and filling out web forms and logins automatically as required. LastPass does almost everything on its own. You only need to remember one master password.

There is no need to add your usernames and passwords into a database to use the extension, unlike some password managers. It is simple to install, and every time you log in to an account online, it will ask if you want to save it. It is so convenient.


Grammarly is an extension that combines a spell-checker and editor. It can scan your entire browser to find errors in your writing. Grammarly will also highlight any unclear sentences, as well as flag grammar errors and punctuation problems. Grammarly can be installed if you post content online. It’s a worthwhile investment that you won’t regret.

Google Translate

Google Translate is a household word. Google Translate is a common feature in everyday life, from helping students with French homework to translating foreign words. Google Translate provides the same service without having to copy and paste text onto the website. You can quickly translate any text by right-clicking or highlighting it, then tap the Translate icon.

Google Dictionary

Do you need vocabulary assistance? Google Dictionary is a handy tool for technical articles using domain-specific language. Double-click any word, and Google Translate will open a popup window with the definition and audio pronunciation.

Tab Wrangler

Tab Wrangler works like a sheepdog to your tabs (a tab dog). Tab Wrangler will automatically close any tabs that have not been used for a set period of time once it is installed. Closed tabs won’t be lost forever. They’re kept in the Tab Corral so they can quickly be reopened. This is an excellent extension for those who are particularly forgetful about closing tabs or have too many openings that they lose the ones you use.

Tab Wrangler is extremely customizable with a variety of options. Tabs can be locked, pinned, or prevented from closing. Additionally, you can block it by closing tabs on your favorite sites.

Adblock Plus

Block tracking cookies and ads to improve speed and privacy

It would be remiss of me not to mention Adblock Plus, the most popular ad-blocker in Chrome. It’s quick and straightforward to install, and you can see the benefits immediately. You can simply point your browser at any ad-heavy web page. The Adblock Plus icon displays a running list of all blocked pages. It will likely display most pages much quicker.

Adblock Plus also has great configurability. You can use the Options dialog to modify Adblock Plus to stop it from running on specific sites, to avoid problems, or add new rules.

All we can say is that most websites are dependent on advertising. We suggest you disable ad blockers on techradar-friendly sites.

uBlock Origin

Are you looking for an Adblock Plus/Adblock Plus alternative? Try uBlock.


Pomodoro can be used to get you up and running in 25 minutes. Then, you take five breaks, then resume work. This will increase productivity. Forest is the only timer that Forest can use. It grows an animated tree by counting down as long as it doesn’t visit any sites it has blocked (e.g., Twitter). A whole forest could be yours by the end.


You’re now at your PC. Your Android phone is right in your pocket. You get an SMS. It’s not worth your time to search it out. MightyText will show you your text in Chrome (or Firefox Safari, Opera, or IE). As long as you have the MightyText app on your Android phone, all messages, including those with images and video, will be synced. You will also receive low-battery warnings. An extension is available for receiving MightyText messages on Facebook and Gmail.


Honey, which is owned by PayPal, automatically determines which shopping site your are on and offers a drop-down selection of coupons (or links directly on the site) to help you get better deals. It will also automatically apply all the coupons it can to your checkout service on select sites, so you’re not cutting/pasting/typing obscure, long codes. Honey is free, but this is all up to the user, as Honey collects data. Amazon hates it enough to tell you that it’s malware.


AwesomeScreenshot, a screen capture extension that allows for annotation and photo editing, is available in your browser. After taking a screenshot of a specific area or a whole web page, you have the ability to crop, highlight, draw shapes and blur sensitive information.

Full Page Screen Capture

Click to grab a web page and then download it as a JPG.

Firefox Quantum has a built-in full-page screen grab tool. Full page Screen Capture adds the same functionality to Chrome.

The extension does not require any permissions. To take a full-page screen grab, click on the icon in your browser.

Once the page has been captured, it will scroll. It is best to wait until the page is complete before moving your mouse. Once the page is captured, it will open in a new tab. The image can then be downloaded. It is especially useful for downloading web pages that you would like to read offline.

Full Page Screen Capture can warn you if the page is too big to grab in one go.

How do you update Google Chrome extensions?

Extensions automatically update, but you can also manually update them. Enter Chrome://extensions/ and hit Enter. Click the Update button on the top screen. You can also click Details on the extension you wish to update and then click.

Can Google Chrome extensions be malicious?

Yes. Google also disables unwanted extensions frequently, and the Great Suspender is a recent example.

Can extensions affect browser performance?

Yes. Chrome will add more overhead to your browser the more extensions you install. Chrome is already a resource hog, and extensions can make it worse.

Is it possible to remove Google Chrome extensions?

Yes. Enter Chrome://extensions/ and hit Enter. You will see a list of all your extensions. Click on the toggle to activate/disable an extension or click remove for a complete uninstallation.

Do extensions work when you are in Incognito Mode?

However, you can activate that feature for an Extension. Enter Chrome://extensions/ and hit Enter. Select the extension you wish to enable in Incognito Mode, and then click Detail. Next, flip the Allow toggle.

Google warns you not to do this.

Warning: Google Chrome can not prevent extensions from storing your browsing history. You can disable this extension by selecting this option in incognito mode.

More chrome extensions equals more productivity.

You now have extensions for your browser that will make marketing simpler on a day-to-day basis. Test them out to find out how they work and what time you can save. You can save time and make it easier to create your next piece. You and your team will appreciate it.

Chrome extensions can be used in all Chromium browsers, which is a great fact. These include popular browsers like Opera and Edge. Many extensions designed for Chrome may not be compatible with other browsers.

Extensions don’t make Chrome better. We have compiled a list of the best tricks and tips for Chrome on desktop that will help you unlock the browser to its full potential.


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