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Teespring: What’s It, And How Does It Work?


Teespring is a platform that allows you to create and sell more than 50 types of products for no cost. Everything is handled by us, from printing to shipping to customer support. Teespring is for everyone: entrepreneurs looking to start an online business, creators looking to sell awesome merchandise to their fans, charities looking to raise funds in a simple way, and everyone in between.

TeeSpring is a hot online marketing tool for anyone who designs and sells t-shirts. However, most systems require an ad expenditure to make money. Even if the ad spend required is minimal – less than a penny per click, it still adds up.

While you might be paying for advertisements right now and making money, when will you get paid by TeeSpring to reinvest your profits? It may take a while, so you have money going out but no money coming in.

We have a method to sell serious t-shirts without spending any advertising dollars. This is for people who have more time to invest than they make money.

It takes some time, but you can do it anywhere. Even standing in line at the grocery store. Once you have made some serious money with this method, you can always invest that money in ads to keep the momentum going.

This is how it works. It’s actually quite simple. It’s so simple that you may think it’s too easy. This does require a time investment.

Why Teespring?

Our mission is to help anyone, anywhere, turn their ideas into products and brands. Teespring takes the hassle out of online selling. We help you with every step of the process, from product creation to order fulfillment and customer service. Teespring is a great place to start.

Product Creation

Teespring allows you to design, create, and sell products free of charge. Teespring Launcher allows you to upload or create custom designs.

Selling tools

Teespring tools such as promotion codes, buyer messaging, stores, and other features can help you maximize your sales. You can list your products on the most popular global marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay through Teespring’s Boosted Network.

Order Fulfillment

We’ll ship the order to you once the buyer has placed it. You will also receive the profits to your Payouts section on your Teespring account.

Customer Service

Teespring has one of the best customer reviews in the industry. Our customer service team will take care of your customers while you concentrate on selling. It’s a skill we are good at!

How Can I Make Products To Sell?

Teespring makes it easy to create products. To select the products that you wish to sell, visit our Product Launcher. Our tools allow you to upload or create custom designs for products.

How Can I Make Money With Teespring?

All of your products can be sold at your own profit and selling price. You keep the profit when a product is sold. The base price of a tee-shirt is $10, and the selling price is $24. This means that you can earn $14 per shirt sold. After the orders have been processed, your profits will be available to withdraw from the Payments section in your Teespring account. Remember that the more products you sell, the more profits you will be able to earn per month.

Do You Have To Pay For Teespring?

Teespring is totally free to use. Teespring products can be made to order, so there is no need to make any upfront investment. Profit is earned when you sell products. Remember that if you sign up for some of our sales-driving software, such as the Boosted Network or other tools, a portion may be deducted from your profits to pay for the service. Learn more at the Training Center.

How Does Teespring Earn Money?    

Teespring makes money only when you make money. The base price of products includes our service fee. This fee helps us maintain our production facilities and stock product stocks. Remember that you will see the base price when you create a product. You can then decide how much profit to make from each sale.

How Can Teespring Help Me To Sell My Products?

While we will do our best to drive sales, Teespring is most effective when you are also trying to reach potential customers via online promotions. While the Boosted network can help increase sales, we do not recommend relying on it to drive sales. Remember that promotions and stores are great for increasing sales and sharing products with potential customers and followers.

Making Money On Teespring Without Buying Ads

Choose your Niche

Step 1: Choose a niche for your t-shirt. This is not the same as choosing a marketing niche. A topic that is visually appealing, such as dogs, horses, or cars, is what you want. Sports are great. Fitness. Cooking. Golf. Soccer. Cats. Trucks. Motorcycles.

The ones that have all the photos are the calendars you see in stores at the end. T-shirts can be made from the same themes as calendars. Finding a niche that is interesting enough to be worn on one’s chest is the key.

You might have an interest in a particular breed of dog so that you don’t waste too much time looking at pictures of it. Pick something for now. Better yet, you can make a list with 4 to 5 options and then move quickly to step 2.

Use Instagram

Step 2: Do you know Instagram? Step 2: Are you familiar with Instagram? It’s a photo-sharing social media site that’s massive. It’s actually one of the most popular social media apps. This is great news for us as we will be tapping into Instagram’s huge traffic and popularity.

Install Instagram now if you don’t have it installed. JUST INSTALL – You don’t need to create an account yet. We’ll get there in a moment. Take the 4 to 5 topic options you have written down in step 1 now and search for them.

Click on the “Explore” tab in your Instagram app to search for #YOURKEYWORD. You can search for #kittens or #horses, or #soccer, or #HarleyDavidson.

See how many people are active on each search of your key terms. Is it a term people are passionate about?

You’re done with the guesswork.

Make your T-Shirt

Step 3: Have a TeeSpring t-shirt created and launched. This is the most important information I can provide.

Your shirt should look professional, stylish, attractive, and eye-catching. You can find many ideas on t-shirt websites.

You don’t have to be a designer. Hire someone who is. A well-designed shirt will make you more sales.

It’s possible to make your t-shirt relevant and timely in order for it to be a big hit. You could use something that links your niche to the current events. While you cannot use news stories that are ‘here and gone tomorrow,’ you can use popular phrases, shows, and icons. You must respect any trademarks and copyrights.

Make sure your shirt is relevant to the niche you are targeting.

Do not delay in this process. You can narrow down your shirt ideas, hire a designer within a day, and then give the designer a day to return the design to you. You can find designers on Fiverr and other outsourcing sites. However, you may have to pay more for a professional design. You might be lucky if you have a simple concept.

Here’s an easy way to get inspired by t-shirts that are similar in design and content. You should not copy other shirts. Instead, use their inspiration to create your own original shirts. You don’t have to create a new shirt.

Make your Instagram account.

Step 4: Once you have your shirt design, go back to Instagram and create a brand new account. Your niche should be the name of your account. If your niche is Siamese cats, then your account name could be SiameseLovers44 or SiameseShirts21.

Upload a photo of your shirt to your profile picture. In your bio, tell them that this shirt is a limited edition and include your TeeSpring URL. This will be a clickable URL.

Upload another picture of your shirt and caption it with, “To get this highly limited edition t-shirt, go to: or click the link in my bio.”

Now It’s Time For Traffic  

Step 5: Once you have everything in place, it is time to drive traffic and interact with people. Remember that I said there would be some time investment. This is why you should use Instagram to drive traffic person-by-person.

This is a two-fold goal: Make money NOW by selling your shirt and make money LATER by building up a following. You’ll be balancing interaction and promotion.

Here’s how to promote your product: Simply type in your key phrase again. It’s Siamese in our case. There will be tons of photos of Siamese cats. Click on each picture and click ‘like’ to share them.

That’s it! You can like someone’s photo, and they will instantly receive a notification on the mobile. Most people will then visit your profile, and some will order your shirt.

This is a quick and easy way to sell shirts quickly, provided you have a great shirt. TeeSpring’s built-in scarcity means that you can make sure your shirt sells.

Campaigns are limited in duration. After the campaign ends, all buyers’ cards are charged. The shirts are printed and shipped. You’re then paid. The shirt is gone.

Here’s how you interact: Search for your term again. Go through each picture one by one and like them. But this time, you’ll also “follow” that person who posted them. You can also leave a comment, be it funny, informative, or meaningful, on each photo. This will increase your chances of being followed back by the person you are following.

Go through the photos again, and follow everyone who “liked” them. This is an extremely powerful technique that most people don’t think of. Consider this: This person was sufficiently interested in your topic to interact using a photo of it. It means that they are more likely to interact with photos you post.

Once you have followed hundreds of users, reduce your following to focus on commenting. To give authority to your profile, you want to maintain a balanced follower/follower ratio.

These are easy things that you can do anywhere, including while watching TV, waiting in lines, walking, or sitting at the beach. You can also ask your children to help or have them follow the system to make their own t-shirts.

Spend about 5-10 minutes each day selecting and uploading photos. You don’t have to upload them – just search for photos on Instagram. Then, leave a comment saying, “Great picture; mind if you repost it?”. Most people will agree. Next, take a screenshot of the image and upload it to your account. Include a link to the original user. Add your hashtags to it.

Do not just post pictures of your shirts. Include real content. More often than posting photos of your shirts, post content that is related to what you sell. If you have photos of people wearing your shirts that are great, it’s even better. You can simply send the link to people who will be asking where they can buy the shirt. You’d be amazed at how many people post photos of themselves in the shirt that they just received. Ask if they are willing to repost your picture. It is almost certain that they will.

You may be looking for quick sales in the short term, but you are building relationships long-term so that you can sell more shirts with less effort. So think strategically.

Instagram’s typical user is in their 20s or early 30s. They are more engaged than any other social media platform. Photos? They are the most popular marketing tool.

Our brains process images 60 times faster than text. The brain can actually recognize images in 13 milliseconds. This is a great way for your brand to be seen by all types of people.

You can make a good income by selling t-shirts. But, be sure to use Instagram for regular marketing. You should do this on a separate account than your t-shirt accounts. Another point to consider…

You should not be attempting to cover more than one niche using your t-shirts. Make sure you have a separate account for each. You don’t want to have two accounts on Instagram that focus on Professional Wrestling and Siamese Cats. This will confuse your followers and reduce your sales.

Use a tool such as to schedule and manage your Instagram posts, as well as to check your analytics.

Another popular Instagram tool is which will give you more detailed information such as your total number of likes, your most liked photos, your average number of likes, your follower growth, and so forth.

You don’t have to be technical in order to make this business successful. It’s enough to have fun, be creative with your shirts, and enjoy commenting on photos. It’s really not difficult, is it? This is a great business that you can pass on to your teenager, your retired friend, or anyone who just wants to have a fun and profitable hobby.

The most difficult part of designing t-shirts is the design. This involves deciding what the shirt should say and how it should look. This is where you should spend some time and hire someone to help. It can make a huge difference in sales if your shirt looks amateurish or professional. So don’t be afraid to spend a lot on this.

One last note: Many people ask if they can get a Paypal account. TeeSpring pays by check or via Paypal.

Another question is, “How much can you make?” This is similar to asking how long a piece is of string. Here’s the simple answer: Your shirt will cost you $9, assuming that you choose a high-quality fabric and print in more than one color. Although shirts can be purchased for as low as $6, you want your shirt to stand out. Let’s take the $9 price.

Let’s suppose you sell the shirts at $19. This is a $10 profit per shirt. The math is simple if you only sell 20 shirts per campaign. The math becomes even easier if you run 5 to 10 campaigns per month. You can experiment with the numbers and make your own conclusions. TeeSpring allows you to create mock-up shirts right now to see what you get and at what cost.

Is it possible to make a lot of money selling t-shirts via Instagram? Perhaps you could scale the business by hiring workers to manage multiple accounts. You could make a lot of money if you do that. You won’t make it big if you work for yourself unless you are gifted at designing shirts that sell like hotcakes. You will succeed in that situation.

The best thing about this business is that you can work on it whenever you want, wherever you want, and as much or little as you wish. This is one of the most flexible business models that I have ever seen. You can make a full-time income by working in this business if you have a daily commute by bus or train. This is a powerful idea. It is possible to make money sitting at the pool, in bed, or by watching TV. How cool is that?!


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