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Symbolab – Calculator And Math Solver


Symbolab, an educational math tool, allows you to practice and discover math problems using symbols and scientific calculators. It can be used as both a math solver and an equation search. It is especially useful for students in middle school and college. It provides step-by-step solutions to any math problem that is related to algebraic, trigonometric, and calculus topics.

Symbolab can be used by students to solve math problems (e.g., Integrals, Equations, and derivatives), as well as other mathematical problems (e.g., limits, bounds, limits, etc.). It can also be used by students to understand the processes that are involved in solving math problems. It functions as a tutor for math, available 24 hours a day.


The strength of Symbolab lies in its calculating abilities. You can access a variety of advanced calculators such as equations and simultaneous equations, inequalities, integrals and derivatives, limits, tangent lines, trigonometric equations, or functions.

According to Symbolab, the purpose is to simplify math learning by making scientific content universally available through expanding the searchable data space on scientific notations, expressions, and equations.

History Of Symbolab

Three Israelis released Symbolab in late 2011, including Michal Avny, Adam Arnon, and Lev Alyshayev, Chief Scientist and Chief Scientist. The engine can interpret any user-created equation or symbol problem and provide the solution if one exists. They then added the ability for the engine to display all steps of the calculation.

Eqsquest was initially created in 2011 as a mathematical search engine. Over time, the emphasis shifted to step-by-step solutions to high-school and college-level mathematics problems. Symbolab uses machine-learning algorithms to solve both search and solution aspects.

Does It Make Learning Easier?

Symbolab seems like it was created by mathematicians for mathematicians. The interface is simple and focuses on solving math equations. This tool is great for helping students understand complex equations, and it can also be used by teachers to provide clear explanations. Teachers must consider how students use Symbolab in order to make it more effective. Symbolab allows students to copy and paste step-by-step solutions directly into their assignments without having to understand the reasoning behind each step. The practice questions provide hints, but if there are enough clicks, the final answer will be given.

Symbolab is an excellent tool for learning. It can be a perfect visual tool for students who take the time to study each step and attempt to understand its origins. It may not be the best tool for students who want to quickly find the answer or develop an understanding of why. Symbolab has one problem. It asks for a final solution but does not allow students to solve the problems using the system. Students will need to use another method, such as pen and paper, to solve their problems before they can enter their final answer.

What Parents Need To Know

Parents should know that Symbolab Calculator, an educational app, provides answers to complex algebra, calculus, and trigonometry questions. It can be used to solve simple addition or subtraction problems. However, it is more beneficial for teens and tweens who will use the app to review their work. Users can access the camera on their device to take a picture and solve a problem. However, this feature is not consistent. Due to the excessive amount of pop-up advertisements, adults will have to monitor their use of the free app. The paid version removes the ads and shows how to solve problems step-by-step. This might be more educational. To learn more about what information is collected and shared, please refer to the privacy policy.

Can Symbolab Also Be Used To Teach?  

Symbolab is best used as a supplement for classroom materials. It helps students and teachers to solve various equations, from simple to complex. A paid account allows students to practice many skills. The free account only offers a limited number of practice questions and topics. Students can access custom or premade quizzes with a paid account. This allows teachers to create content that is relevant to the class they are teaching or for students to practice additional materials.

Symbolab’s hints are great for helping students get through difficult situations, but they don’t replace instruction in the classroom. You can also use it as a “cheat sheet,” which covers many math concepts.

Symbolab Provides The Following Services:

Symbolab Calculator

Symbolab gives you access to many types of calculators, including:

  • Calculator Integral
  • Derivative Calculator
  • Limit calculator
  • Equation Calculator
  • Calculator for Inequality
  • Trigonometry Calculator
  • Matrix Calculator
  • Calculator of Functions
  • Calculator for Series
  • ODE Calculator
  • Laplace Transform Calculator

Symbolab Graphing Calculator

Symbolab allows students to graph the functions they want using a graphing calculator. Each function is assigned a color, making it easy to identify. You can save graphs as PDFs and print them. Symbolab’s Graphing calculator offers a color map and parameter sliders. It also has a table that displays the points for each function as well as graph and grid settings and other properties.

Symbolab Practice

Students practice solving math problems and taking quizzes in the following areas: pre algebra, Algebra, and Calculus.

There are many subtopics within each topic. Select a topic, click on the sub topic that interests you, and then use the left sidebar to access practice problems and quizzes. Premium subscribers have the option to create their own quizzes and share them with others.

Symbolab Notebook

Symbolab notebook gives you a digital place to save and write your notes and solve math problems. You can save any problem, graph, tag, filter, add notes and share them with your friends.

Symbolab Groups

Teachers can create virtual classrooms using Symbolab Groups. They can share graphs and math problems with students, conduct assessments, and gather student feedback. Students can also use the analytic reports to gain insight into their performance. This video will show you how to create groups within Symbolab.

Symbolab App

Symbolab calculator can be found in both Google Play and iOS app stores.

Is Symbolab Free?

Symbolab offers two subscription options: a free plan with very few features and a premium plan with more features:

  • Access to all solution steps
  • Web & Mobile subscription
  • Notebook (Unlimited Storage)
  • Problems with personalized practice
  • Quizzes
  • A detailed progress report
  • There are no ads


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