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Snow Day Calculator: Best Snow Day Predictors In 2022


The snow season will be back, and it is time to ask how you can predict how many snow days will occur this year. You may still be able to attend classes in your classroom, even with COVID. Let’s look at my top 3 Snow Day Predictors in 2022 and how I feel about their predictive power.

Snow Day Calculator: Top Snow Day Predictor

I looked at as many snow-day calculators as I could find, and the Snow Day Calculator came out on top. David This calculator is loaded with many special features, as well as an accompanying iOS or Android mobile app.

The iOS mobile app link can be found here, and the Android mobile app link here. You should note that both apps are not free. Each app costs $0.99.

Based on 175 user reviews, the Snow Day Calculator iOS App received 3.5 stars. Based on 81 user reviews, the Snow Day Calculator Android App received a 2.8 rating.

The Snow Day Calculator is a Snow Day Predictor that I love because:

I love many aspects of this calculator. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

I love that it asks you for your zip code rather than asking about your state. It is too broad to ask for a single state because there can be so many variations by region.

Second, it’s very user-friendly and easy to use. It is very easy to use and takes you straight to the calculator. With just three pieces of information, the calculator can show me its snow day prediction.

It also explains the results well. It does more than just give you a prediction. It also explains the results in a table.

It’s not inundated by ads, which is a great thing. While ads are necessary because these websites make money, there are other predictors than ads that can be used to help you decide if ads are right for you.

Snow Day Calculator also offers a variety of services. You can even get text messages from the snow day calculator. This was a unique feature that allowed me to receive text messages about possible snow days.

What I’d like to see in the future for Snow Day Calculator

I don’t think there are many things that could be improved. The UI is a bit tired and could use a refresh.

Despite this, I still prefer functionality over form. It should be able to predict snow days accurately, and I would stick with it regardless of its appearance.

Second: Snow Day FinderĀ 

The Snow Day Finder is my second favorite snow day predictor. The snow day finder forecasts weather data using AccuWeather and is updated every half hour. It uses reliable data sources as its primary predictor function.

What I like most about Snow Day Finder:

Snow Day Finder has many things I love. The design is simple, and I love it. It isn’t too many ads. Although it feels like there are more ads than the Snow Day Calculator’s, it doesn’t feel overwhelming.

It also lists the Top US Cities. If I’m in Yarmouth, for example, I don’t need to go back to the website and enter the information again. Because the URL contains relevant information, I can save the Yarmouth webpage.

I also like the data it displays on the results. It provides snow probabilities for day and night, which I find both useful and entertaining. It has a fun interface that’s in tune with weather conditions.

What would you like to see next from Snow Day Locator?

It forecasts for 3 days, which I find very useful. It would be nice to have it forecast for longer. It would also be fascinating to know if it’s a school for the public or what kind of school it is.

Finally, I’d like to see ads that are more in keeping with the theme of this site. It was not pleasant to see ads that were so starkly opposed to the site experience.

Third: Snow Day Chance

Snow Day Chance touts its ability to calculate your chances of a snow day based on your occupancy and the amount of snow accumulated.

What I like most about Snow Day Chance

I like the Snow Day Chance point to reputable to capture snow accumulation forecasts for the next day.

I love that Snow Day Chance has a snow day map (below) that shows how much snow is required to cancel.

I also like the way Snow Day Chance explains all the factors involved in its prediction.

What would I like to see next in Snow Day Finder?

I have a few things in mind for the next Snow Day Chance.

First, I’d like to see Snow Day Chance on its own website. It’s quite odd that it’s on Calculator Academy.

Second, I would like it to be easier to see how to obtain the prediction. Scroll down to see the prediction. It’s located on the left side of the screen.

Finally, I would like to see the advertising placed and the information structure changed. This could be achieved by adding Snow Day Chance to its own website.

How Accurate Is A Snow Day Predictor?

These calculators can be very accurate in predicting snow days. It all depends on the calculation used to forecast the snow day. You might be able to see the questions and understand the calculations.

The Snow Day Calculator, for example, asks you for your zip code, number of snow days in a year, and type of school. The calculator might hypothesize that the type and location of your school will impact whether or not there will be snow days. The Snow Day Finder asks only for your zip code. This may lead you to believe that this calculator doesn’t care about it or that additional information is less important.


I hope you found this Snow Day Predictor review helpful in helping you choose the right snow calculator. The snow day calculator remains our favorite tool, even into 2022. We hope you find it useful in your particular situation.


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