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Rice Purity Test: Everything You Need To Know


Your eighth-grade friends are having a sleepover. After a heated game of truth or dare, you decide to stay up until late. One of your friends suggests you take the Rice Purity Test together to compare your answers and see who has done more “stuff.” (What did we mean back when we said this?). As your friend opens an incognito tab on Safari on her iPod touch, you ask, “What’s Rice Purity Test?” After your friends have explained what it is, each of you takes the quiz. You then share your answers with your friends. The rest of the night is spent feeling disappointed in yourself for not scoring as high as your friends. (I’ll be completely honest, even I lied about my answers the first time I took the test to make myself look cooler and more powerful).

The last time I took the Rice Purity Test was my junior year in high school. This was months before my first kiss and many years before I lost it. My score was likely somewhere in the 90s. This was a huge difference from my friends’ scores which were much lower. My friends may have lied about many of their answers to look cool, in retrospect. As a college junior, my score is 52. I don’t feel ashamed to admit that. It’s no surprise that many people are taking the Rice Purity Test again to see how their scores have changed. Let me tell you about the history and purpose of the Rice Purity Test for those who didn’t have the same middle school experience that I did.

What Is The Rice Purity Test?

One-hundred-question survey, the Rice Purity Test, measures a person’s innocence in the realm of worldly vices. A score of 100 is the purest and 0 the lowest. The test includes questions about relationships, behavior, and other activities that are considered to be non-virtuous. Each question is answered by the individual, who simply has to choose ‘Yes’ or “No” for each one.

Rice University in Houston, Texas, developed the survey in 1924 in order to measure maturity levels and help students bond. Over the years, the Rice Purity Test has been refined to its current form. It is now a very popular way to have fun with your friends and has a long history of online success.

Who Invented The Rice Purity Test?

Rice University created the Rice Purity Test to assess students’ maturity and help them to build relationships with upperclassmen. Rice Purity Test’s original version was only available to women and was first made available in 1924. There have been many versions of the Rice Purity Test that include modern questions. College students now take the Rice Purity Test for fun and to see how their answers compare to those of their friends. It would be a fun experiment to take the Rice Purity Test at the beginning of your freshman year and again at the end of your senior year. You can then compare your scores with your previous scores so you can see how far you have come.

Where Can I Get The Rice Purity Test?

You can take the most popular version of the Rice Purity Test on the official Rice Purity Test website, The test will give you your results as a number between 1 to 100. The higher your score, you are considered more innocent. This simple scale will help you to analyze your score in greater detail.

What Does My Score Really Mean?

The exam rates people on a scale of 0 to 100. 100 is the purest and 0 the least pure.

Research has shown that young people feel more depressed and embarrassed when they do well in exams. This is because they don’t feel exposed, which makes them look uncool. Every teenager wants to appear badass, so they get a low score. This is why many people lie on the test. Isn’t it funny?

  1. Scores between 98-100%

This is the desired score by most participants. Unfortunately, not many people fit this description. It could also be suggested that children who were born with a silver spoon in their mouth would fit this category. This is why it is not widely accepted that this group exists.

This score basically means that you are as pure as gold and have not been exposed to any criminal activities, such as drug addiction, kissing, or crime. This score is difficult to get for anyone over the age of 18.

  1. Scores between 94-97%

It is still a small range, but it indicates that individuals are growing. It is still believed that you are very pure. Although you may have been with someone for the first time, it is unlikely that you will have ever gotten any further.

  1. Scores between 77-93%

This category includes children of the upper and middle classes.

This indicates that you are not a normal person. Perhaps you have French-kissed or done crazy things before.

  1. Scores between 45-76%

This score is more common for introverted and shy people. These people are also less social. These people lack social skills.

  1. Scores below 45%

This group includes people who are serious. This is a sign that you have done crazy things. This person may have mental anxiety, a condition, or addiction. It is highly recommended that assistance be sought to help the participants get out of this situation.

Rice Purity Test: What Really Means?

  1. Find Your Maturity

Rice University developed this test with the sole purpose of assessing their maturity level. In order to build strong relationships with their elders, they wanted to evaluate the maturity of their new hires. They created a Rice Purity test by collecting 100 questions from personal life.

  1. This tool will allow you to understand your personality

Rice Purity Tests has compiled a series of questions that will allow you to determine the type of personality you are. While some people don’t keep track of their personal lives, a rice purity test can give you information about your life.

  1. Risk-taking

This test is for people who love to do adventurous activities in their daily lives.

Rice Purity Test: The Downsides

Every benefit has a downside. The Rice Purity Test also has its drawbacks.

  1. Mind Disturbance

The test is primarily personal questions you might not feel comfortable sharing. Be aware that this test will require you to answer approximately 100 sensitive questions. This may cause mental disruption, and some people are not able to handle it.

  1. Asking too sensitive questions

This test asks you a series of questions that are very mature about your sexual relationship with the opposite gender. Online tests are not able to determine the age of participants. This means that underage people are asked sensitive questions. If you are not 18 years old, I encourage you to skip this test.

The History Behind All The Innocence Quizzes

Experts believe the innocence quizzes we now know were invented by RU students. The Rice Purity Test was created by them in 1924, almost a century ago. Their goal was to find out which students had lived a more naughty campus life.

However, the questionnaire went popular fast. It was published in many magazines and school newspapers. The questions were difficult to find because there was no internet at the time. The test survived the test and was re-popularized in 2020.

Some believe that the first worldwide purity test was developed in the 1980s. According to them, it was MIT students that created the MIT Test-like questionnaire in order to evaluate others’ goodness. It remains a mystery.

What Made The Rice Purity Test So Popular?

Twitter users recently made the RPT viral again thanks to their use of Twitter. According to The Tab, users are now sharing more about their purity scores on social media than ever.

The quiz was first published on the internet in 2000. According to Slate, this was the first time that the questions were posted on a website. Spark, an online matchmaking website, was the first to offer this type of quiz. It was passed on over the years.

In recent years, websites like QuizExpo or RicePurity have modernized the traditional test. They kept the questions the exact same but added a 2020 vibe to them. This is another reason the idea was re-popularized.

What Other Information Should I Have About The Rice Purity Test?

It is very easy to fail the Rice Purity Test and then feel ashamed about it. It is okay to abstain for whatever reason. And it is okay to wait for the right person to give you your first kiss or lose your virginity. You shouldn’t take the Rice Purity Test too seriously. It is meant to be fun! I enjoy taking quizzes to pass the time. The Rice Purity Test is a great quiz to find out where you stand on the scale of innocence or purity. You might learn something about your friend or partner if you take the quiz together.

Have you ever taken and passed the Rice Purity Test? Do you think you will be taking the Rice Purity Test out of boredom?


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