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Review Of 2022: Ai Researcher And Writer 


Ask any content strategist, and they will tell you that the strategy includes:

  1. Searching for SEO keywords
  2. Analyzing posts from other sources
  3. Recognizing content gaps
  4. Complete the content briefs

You’d be a good judge of how long it takes to complete your content job.

It’s time-wasting, to put it bluntly.

I was excited when Frase appeared on the AppSumo deal pages.

You’re saying that we don’t need to create a brief manually? Well, sign us up!”

You will have questions, just like any new tool. What is the process? What are its pros and cons? What are the pros and cons?

This Frase guide provides all the information you need.

What is exactly?

Frase is a useful tool that helps content marketers simplify the process of creating and researching content.

The fact that the tool uses AI, machine learning, and NLP to accomplish this feat is what caught my attention.

It does three things:

  1. This tool helps you to identify the most relevant topics for your content. It does this by looking at the top searches for your keywords.
  2. To identify topic gaps, scan your content and compare it with competitors using your targeted keyword.
  3. Automatically generates a summary of the content that you are researching.

Frase’s goal is to help you create better content faster by allowing your attention to the topics that are important to you.

This would not be possible without AI…

You might be wrong to think that it is too soon to implement AI-powered marketing tools.

BrightEdge research found that more than half of marketers surveyed said native AI capabilities were important or necessary. Pros & Cons


  • Advanced topic modeling and Natural Language Processing algorithms
  • Easy creation of content briefs
  • The answer engine generates answers automatically for your users.
  • Outstanding support and development team
  • The concept map and questions feature aid in the generation of ideas.
  • The right search terms can be selected by analyzing keyword volume
  • A writer using AI to accelerate content creation


  • Provides no internal link suggestions
  • No Google Doc add-in or chrome extension (Fixed).
  • Since it is a new product (Fixed), there are not many tutorials or learning materials.
  • UI becomes cluttered with more information (Fixed).
  • Optimization of one page
  • Spam isn’t eliminated by the answer engine.

Frase uses Natural Language Processing and machine-learning techniques in order to understand and learn from content and produce the most relevant summaries.

81% of top marketers agree that machine learning will be crucial for personalizing customer experiences throughout the customer journey.

This sounds complicated, I’m sure.


You only need to pay attention to the output that this tool produces!

Here’s how it works.

It basically searches for the most relevant content to your search query and then sorts through the results.

It then generates summaries that include:

  • Summary of the articles: Relevant points
  • The articles contain key statistics
  • The articles contain contextual topics

This insight is extremely useful when conducting content research.

The Key Function Of

Frase has done an excellent job in focusing on the functionality of your research goals.

You can immediately choose to use the tool for creating, curating, optimizing, or optimizing content, or just to create a brief.

Frase functionality

Let’s now take a look at the four key areas of this tool.

Create Content With Frase

The core of Frase is a text editor that does contextual topic research in the background.

What does all this really mean?

Frase allows you to write content as you would with any word processor while also having smart insights about your topic right next to it.

Let’s suppose you were to create a piece about AI and marketing.

Name your document, add the query “AI marketing,” and you’ll be taken to a content editor.

Frase Content Editor

As you can see, you can create your article and search the relevant search results for “AI in Marketing” on the right-hand side.

You can now search without switching between dozens upon dozens of tabs!

This is the information you will get on your topic.

  • Content: Links to the most popular articles on your topic.
  • Topics: The topics that are mentioned in the articles, along with their frequency. You can also view your content score and target score for the top keywords in the Topics tab.
  • Headlines: This section shows you the most relevant headlines to your topic. This is a great way to get inspiration or understand the types of titles that work in search.

There’s more.


You can also do this by looking at their questions about your topic…

Frase offers a ‘Questions’ feature that allows you to see the questions people are asking on Q&A sites like Reddit and Quora. Then, you can answer some of these questions in your article.

After you are done writing the article, you can share it with coworkers, export it to Word, PDF, or text, or publish it to your RSS Feed.

Optimize Existing Content

This is the best Frase functionality content marketers have ever seen.


It’s not about creating more content. It’s about who creates the best content and wins in organic search.

Do you want to find out how your content ranks for a specific keyword?

Frase makes it easy to do this.

Select the Content Optimization document type, and then add the keyword that you wish to rank for and the URL of the article to be optimized.

You can copy-paste content that you are not able to publish yet into the editor.

Here’s the next step:

Frase will analyze your content and compare the top 20 results for your keyword search to determine which topics are most relevant to yours.

The content score you get will be able to improve by including the topics in the top-ranked articles related to your keyword.

These are the topics you might want to explore in your content.

Frase’s cool feature is that it will show you related topics first, then show you where that topic is mentioned in search results.

After you have finished optimizing your content, you can return to the Topics tab and see if you have a better content score.

Make A Content Brief

Frase makes it easy to create SEO briefs. Frase will analyze the top results for your targeted keywords and present the topics that you should include in your content.

Select Content Brief to get started. Enter the name of the document and the keyword that you wish to rank for.

This is because the tool will use the keyword to display the top 10 Google results related to that keyword and give you an automated brief.

Here are the contents of your brief:

  • Sources that have been processed
  • Average source length
  • Average links per source
  • These are the 10 sources Frase has analyzed

But that’s not all…

You will also find the topic highlights, a list of topics, and important statistics. Finally, the tool will provide a summary of the top ten results.

These automated content briefs can be very helpful in speeding up your search process.

You can add your comments and sections to these briefs in addition to the content created automatically.

Create Content To Share With Your Audience

Frase is a tool that helps you to find quality content on the Web and share it with your audience.

Start by creating a new file and choosing Content Curation. Once you have entered your keyword, you will start to see recent news on your topic in the editor.

You can click on the article links to see the bulleted summary or click “Add to Document” to add an overview to the document editor.

This is an easy way to create a weekly newsletter using curated content. To personalize your newsletter, you can add an introduction to the automatic content summaries.

You can also export your newsletter in other formats or push it directly to Mailchimp to be sent to your subscribers.

Media Monitoring With Frase

Frase allows you to easily follow any topic on the Web and receive a summary feed with the most recent content.

It works in the same way as other monitoring tools by setting up topics to be followed. To get more precise results, you can apply conditions to topics like ‘and’ and ‘or.’

Do you want to find the best?

Filters can be used to find more relevant articles. You can also set up preferred sources to avoid receiving too much noise and irrelevant publishers.

You can opt-in to receive an email daily with summary sources. These digests can be shared with your team members as well.

Frase Dashboard allows you to preview the content related to the topics that you are monitoring. Pricing

You can get a trial version for free, or you can purchase a $25 per month, $100, or custom pricing for larger brands.


Content marketers are constantly looking for ways to simplify the process of writing, optimizing, and researching content for search engines. It’s all about being smarter and achieving the best results with minimal time.

Tools like Frase, which are constantly improving AI technology, help us to be more efficient in tasks that used to rely entirely on human intelligence.

It would be smart to save time researching topics on Google and then summarizing the best results to gain insights into your content.

Frase is free to try! Let me know your thoughts!


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