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Momondo Cheap Flights: Scam Or Bargain?


It’s hard to find cheap flights. Finding the best deal site for cheap flights can be even harder. Cheap flights can often turn out to be as costly as the original price, which is always a problem. Is Momondo the best site to search for low-cost flights?

Sometimes it can be difficult to find low-cost plane tickets to your dream destination. It can be overwhelming to compare all available deals, especially when there are so many low-cost airlines. This situation is made more difficult when you have flexible dates or are not sure where you want to go.

There are many sites that can help you out. We have previously covered many travel deals sites such as Scott’s Cheap Flights or Dollar Flight Club. We are still here today to review Momondo!

What Is Momondo?

Momondo offers a free service that can help you save money on your next vacation. This website allows you to compare prices for hotels, cars, rental cars, and package holidays. It makes it easy to find the best deal. Momondo is well-known for its ability to find cheap flights. You can also see prices for different dates and destinations on Momondo.

You can also download the Momondo App to your smartphone, especially if you travel full-time. With just a click, you can access all kinds of flight deals and find cheap tickets.

Comprehensive flight search.

Momondo has partnered with more than 700 travel companies to help you find the best flights. Momondo covers all aspects of travel, including airlines and travel websites. They also offer a useful multi-destination option that many other services don’t have, which is great for anyone considering a gap year or traveling. It is easy to feel secure knowing that all the information you need has been searched and that you have not overlooked an avenue you might regret.

Customized results, ratings, and insights.

These functions are amazing. After you have entered your details, you will be taken to a page with results similar to the one below. This page will allow you to evaluate the options and tailor the results to your needs. The results page will automatically be listed under the first tab, ‘Price Calendar. This tab will allow you to determine the most affordable and most expensive days for travel within the time period you specified in your search.

The next tab is the one you will see in the results for ‘Best Fit flights.’ You can tailor the results to your needs and find the best fit flight. You can see that my preferred travel times are low-cost, with departures in the morning and return in the evening on the days I choose. The options are then rated from 1-10 and displayed in the order that is most suitable to you.

The last tab is ‘Flight Insight. This tab will give you more information about your route. This section contains a variety of information, including the cheapest airline that flies to your destination, the best time to travel, as well as the airport, and the day to fly from. It is very useful.

Reviews of holiday rentals and hotels based on customer reviews.

Momondo searches millions for hotel deals in more than 120,000 locations worldwide to guarantee the lowest possible prices. The best thing about how information is presented is that it includes detailed user reviews, much like those on TripAdvisor. It is also possible to see all the available room options for that particular hotel on one page. This is extremely convenient. You will also find FAQs about the hotel, such as “What is the breakfast option?” and “Is there parking?” A summary section is also available for hotels with many reviews. This provides key information. This is the best way to find the perfect hotel that matches your flight.

To check Momondo out for yourself, visit

How To Use Momondo

You will see a menu to the left as you enter Momondo. You will see options like flights, hotels, car rentals, activities, and holidays. This is the most popular option. You can book your flights with great flexibility by comparing different companies and flight deals, dates, locations, and other factors.

Momondo’s “anywhere” fly feature.

You can choose the “Anywhere” option if you’re not sure where you’d like to fly. This platform will display a variety of flight deals to different destinations around the globe. This will allow you to easily check if there are any cheap tickets available for exotic destinations.

Momondo Flight Date Flexibility Tool

Momondo has an option that is specifically tailored for people with flexible dates. You will see the word “exact” in the upper left corner of the calendar when you select your preferred dates. Clicking on this button will allow you to choose up to three days prior to and/or after your desired departure and arrival dates. A grid with all of the available price options for the selected period will be displayed after you click on the “search” button.

This tool is great for people who don’t have to be exact with their dates. This will allow you to determine if you can save money by booking your flight just a few days prior to or after the period you want.

Who Is The Owner Of Momondo?

Momondo was established in Denmark in 2006. It is now owned by KAYAK (an American travel agency and metasearch engine). Booking Holdings Inc is the operator of KAYAK, a global leader in travel and related services. Booking Holdings Inc owns many providers such as Priceline, Agoda, and OpenTable.

How Does Momondo Make Money?

Momondo’s website states that Momondo makes money in two ways. Through the advertisements on their website and completed orders, Momondo gets a referral link from their partners when someone places a booking through their site.

Momondo claims that this platform does not charge additional fees. We have found that booking through Momondo is sometimes more expensive than purchasing your flight directly with the airline issuing your ticket.

Momondo can be a great tool for getting a clear overview of when it is cheaper to travel and which companies are operating the flights. However, buying directly from the airline company website will save you money.

Is It Safe To Purchase Tickets On Momondo?

Momondo is a legitimate site, and you shouldn’t be concerned about buying tickets on this platform. This website was also covered by Seth Kugel in an article published by the New York Times.

Momondo Allows You To Select Multi-City Flights.

Momondo can be configured for round-trip flights by default, but you can also choose multi-city flight options. Click on the little arrow in the upper left corner of the search bar to select ‘multicity.’ This will allow you to select multiple flights that take you to your preferred destinations and dates.

Momondo – Setting Up Flight Alerts.

Sometimes, you don’t have the time to check flight deals every single day. You can have these deals sent directly to your email if you wish! Set up a flight alert if you are planning to travel and would like Momondo to keep an eye on flight prices for the next few days.

Select your flight to see all the results from Momondo. A small box will appear that says, ‘Now is a great time for booking!’ The option to receive a price alert is located in the lower-left corner.

Momondo will send two emails per week to update you about the price drop after activation.

What Is The Cost Of Momondo?

Momondo is completely free and open to all. You won’t have to pay any fees for signing up or booking flights, car rentals, or hotels.

Is Momondo Worth It?

Momondo is an excellent search engine for flights and a tool that will help you find the best deals and inspiration for your travels. However, booking through their website may not be the best option. Momondo is a great travel site to use. Make sure to compare their prices with other sites so you can get the best deal.


  • If you’re not sure where you should fly, this will give you some great ideas.
  • If you have flexible dates, this is the perfect place to find cheap flights
  • Use it completely free of charge


  • Sometimes, prices can be higher than purchasing directly from airlines.
  • Notification required for any cheap flight deals


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