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How to Easily Remove Objects From Your Photos:


To remove unwanted text and objects from an image in order to clean it up used to require special software. But AI has made it possible to do this with just a few mouse clicks. You can also use the free Web and mobile apps.

This article will show you how to use to remove objects, people, and text from photos in just a few steps.

Introduction to

Photography requires that you balance the elements you want in your photo with the elements you don’t want. This balance is essential for improving your photography skills. However, it can be difficult to achieve the desired composition. Sometimes, unavoidable artifacts such as background objects or people can distract from the main purpose of an image. is a powerful tool that can help you post-process these images. allows you to remove unwanted elements from images. You can access the website by going to using a search engine. The feature is also available in the iOS App ClipDrop.

The website’s simplicity is evident when you first visit it. You can upload an image directly from the website’s homepage by simply dragging and dropping or searching for your files. offers a selection of example images that you can use to help you test the functionality of the app. It is simple in design and has powerful, quick removal tools.

An Effective Freemium Tool to Remove Objects is currently free and allows unlimited images. Export resolutions are limited to 720px. This software is acceptable for use on social media platforms but is not compatible with printing at reasonable sizes with current printer resolutions.

You can purchase the paid Pro version for $48 per annum or $5 per month, but you may sometimes find it on sale for $24 annually (such as in this writing). You can upload unlimited images and resolutions, as well as access to a refiner of high quality.

Pro is available for a free two-week trial.

For step-by-step instructions on both versions, read on.

How to Use the Web App

Step 1. Go to the simple URL or search for “cleaning pictures” with a search engine if you’re not sure.

Step 2 Search for the box that reads “Click Here or Drag an Image File.” Click this to upload your image.

Step 3 After you have uploaded your image, the brush program will open. You can adjust the brush size, zoom in to refine small objects, view before and after versions, toggle between the Pro and standard definition modes, and you can also see the before and after images.

Step 4 Choose a size brush that’s appropriate for the particular element you wish to remove. It’s best to use a brush that is slightly larger than the dimension of the element to be removed. However, you have the option to experiment to find your ideal size.

Step 5 Apply paint to the elements you wish to delete and wait for ( Important – If you’re using Pro mode, you will need to click the “Clean HD” button right next to the brush size module after you are done with your selection. This step may take several minutes.

Step 6. See results. If you are unhappy with the result, click the “Undo” button (arrow pointing left) next to the brush size module. You can make a smaller or larger selection until you are satisfied with the results. Some elements are more difficult to remove than others. It is easier to remove a blue dot on the background than it is to remove a watch from someone’s wrist.

Step 7. After you have removed all elements, click the “Download” button at the top right to save your image. The free version will only allow you to download images up to 720px in size. did an excellent job of removing the fence from this image. It only required a few selections to achieve a great result. This example shows how zooming was a great tool that allowed you to select the details of your fence.

How to use the Mobile App

Step 1. Download the ClipDrop App from Apple’s App Store.

Step 2. Select “Cleanup Image” under “Start with a Photo.”

Step 3. Select the image you would like to use.

Step 4 After you have selected your image, the Cropping Module will open. This will allow you to crop the image if desired.

Step 5. Switch between HD and SD modes within the cropping module. FAQ states that a Pro subscription should be compatible with both desktop and mobile versions. However, you can reach out to support if your Pro subscription does not appear on the mobile app.

Step 6. Click “Continue” to open the brushing section. Paint over the elements you wish to remove. Then wait for This step may take some time, so be patient.

Step 7. See results. If you are unhappy with the result, click the “Undo (arrow pointing left) button located next to the “Save” button in the upper right. You can make a smaller or larger selection until you are satisfied with the results. Some elements are more difficult to remove than others. It is much easier to remove a blue dot on the background than to take off a watch from someone’s wrist.

Step 8. After you have completed removing elements, click the “Save” button to save the image in your camera roll. The free version will only allow you to save the image at 720px.

The post-processing resulted in amazing results in just a matter of minutes. The best part about this edit was the removal of the light post while keeping the main features of the house intact. The selection was made using an iPhone with fingers and a stylus. A larger screen, such as a tablet or a stylus, would allow for more precise painting.

Main Benefits

Do you need to remove unnecessary dates or people from your image? If removing objects from Photoshop seems too difficult and you need a simpler solution, then check out this Cleanup Pictures Review to learn more about this simple-to-use and powerful tool for removing items from your pictures.

This tool is great for photographers who want to remove unwanted elements from their images. The tool is built on the open-source model developed by Samsung’s AI Lab. It will automatically recognize and redraw selected parts of a photograph, making it simple to remove unnecessary objects from the frame.

Drag-and-Drop Editor for Fast Photo Import

This web tool is popular because it is easy to use. It is quick and easy to download the program and install it on your device. It is compatible with every operating system. Cleanup Pictures is very easy to use.

Importing your images into the service takes very little time. Click on the “Click here” button to open the Explorer. Next, choose the image you wish to clean. Importing images can also be done using drag-and-drop. Photos of any size can be imported.

Depending on your version, you can save images up to 2048px (Pro) or 720px extension ($0). Developers continue to improve the service and offer great export options.

A beginner-friendly removal process

After you upload your photo, the mouse pointer will turn a light green marker into a light-green marker so you can select objects you wish to remove.

You can change the size of your marker tip to make it more precise. You can then wait for Cleanup Pictures to do the rest. The edited and original images can be compared. To return to the original image, use the Undo button.

If the algorithm doesn’t work right away, you can retry the action by pressing Ctrl+Z/Cmd+ Z again. You can precisely select the boundaries of an object. Save the image to your computer, or delete any details.

Zoom is a great tool for working with small objects, such as spots on the skin. You should use specialized blemish-removal apps to get the best results.

A Variety of Scenarios for Object Removal

Cleanup Pictures can be used for many purposes. You can use this web application to clean your background, remove any skin imperfections, fix scratches and stray dust specks or fill in the missing space for a YouTube thumbnail.

This tool can remove any type of image. This service is very easy to use. This app makes it easier to remove wrinkles from clothing in Photoshop. It takes just a few clicks to get the perfect clothes.

Watermarks and Stamps Erased Easily

This service can be used as an image stamp remover or watermark removal software.

You must be aware that removing a photograph’s watermark from an image is against ethical standards. It could also be illegal. An image that contains a watermark may be subject to photography copyright. Only licenses can be used to remove the watermark.

Cleanup Pictures lacks batch processing. This would be useful for removing the same subject in multiple photos. It could be, for example, the date at the bottom of the photos.

Amazing Final Results without any Trace

Cleanup Pictures offers more than just a regular object removal tool. This web app is powered by content-aware technology and is one of the most powerful AI photo editors. It fills the space where an object has been removed using nearby pixels.

This service actually has many tools similar to those in Photoshop. Artificial intelligence algorithms are used to fill in the background and remove unwanted objects. This allows you to create photos that look natural. You won’t be noticed if you remove an object.

You would need to work harder to achieve the same result with more advanced photo editing software for your PC.

Cleanup Pictures Prices

There are three subscription options available depending on your requirements.

Free plan – Export is limited to 720px

Monthly Plans – $5 HD Export

Yearly Plans – $24. HD Export

You can currently purchase a yearly package with a discount. The regular price of the plan is $60. It costs $2 per month if you select a yearly plan. A 14-day trial is available to see if the service is right for you. You can try all the features for free for three days if you choose a monthly plan.

Help is available for’ support is one of its greatest assets. ClipDrop, creators of has created a “Community Slack.” You can join The Community Slack if you want to learn more about ClipDrop and ask questions.

Conclusion can be used quickly and efficiently to remove objects, text, and other elements. If you don’t require full resolution, it’s free to use, and the full version is reasonably priced (even at a discount until August). To test its capabilities, you can visit with a search engine. You can also start a free trial for the Pro version if it interests you. When it comes to post-processing, convenience is important. offers powerful object removal tools that combine convenience and power.

Cleanup Pictures is a web application that enhances your images with incredible accuracy. You can remove people and other objects from your image using the tools provided. It allows you to distinguish elements easily and achieve amazing results.

The app is simple to use and suitable for all levels of users. Developers have included a selection brush. For better results, you can modify it with different sizes and shapes. It will not leave any blurred marks.


  • Excellent accuracy
  • There are many uses
  • User-friendly interface
  • No blurred traces


  • No zoom option
  • No batch processing


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