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How Does Elfster Work?


It has already begun. Our fine land office workers are out looking for white elephant gifts, and they’re clamoring to buy a Nerf gun. Someone capable of capturing that guy back in accounting. Many families find Secret Santa exchanges more enjoyable than traditional Christmas gifts. Peter Imburg has provided a digital assistant that can help all parties coordinate their plans. Elfster is the name. Secret Santa is the game.

What is Elfster? How does it work?

Elfster, a free gift exchange website, makes gift-giving easy. Our Secret Santa Generator makes Christmas and holidays more joyful, so you can spend more time celebrating and less organizing.

Is it possible to rig Elfster?

Elfster’s greatest asset is its simplicity. You create a group and enter the email addresses of the people you want to invite. Then click the button to send the invitation. After that, I can go into the settings to tweak the draw.

How to Have a Fun Gift Exchange with Elfster

It is really simple and easy.

Elfster is easy to use in five simple steps. It’s much easier than trying to guess their Christmas wishes by drawing a name from a hat. The Elfster How to page provides a complete explanation, including answers to frequently asked questions.

Register for an Account

You can either join Facebook with your existing account or create a new account using your email address. Remember which email address you used. This will allow the organizer to invite you to join the group.

Join Your Elfster Gift Exchange Group

Next, email the organizer with the email address that you used to sign-up. After everyone has confirmed their invitation, click one button to pair people with Elfster. The organizer doesn’t know who has whom.

FYI – Before Elfster, my sister had to draw all names for our gift exchange. She then emailed everyone with the secret Santa’s name. It wasn’t very secret, and you know what I mean. This software is great for gift exchanges. This software is a time-saver and a great help!

Make a Wish List

This is an important step! Create a wishlist if you want to receive a gift that you really like. Elfster allows you to search for products. It pulls from websites such as Amazon and Etsy. 

Get Matched

The organizer will simply click a button and tell Elfster that everyone has been matched up. An email will be sent to you with a link to the profile and wishlist of your couple. You can see why it is important to make a wish list.

TIP! You can also ask anonymous questions. You can also ask anonymous questions if you feel you have the perfect answer.

Go shopping!

You can shop directly through Elfster, or you can take the ideas and go wherever you like. It’s so simple, right?

Does Secret Santa need to be even?

Yes. It doesn’t really matter whether your party has an even number or an odd number. There is no guarantee that the person assigned to person A will be assigned to person B. Secret Santa uses a macro in order to ensure that everyone on the list gets assigned to someone else.

Are draw names secure? is secure and protects your data. We don’t store personal data for longer than it is necessary to fulfill the purpose for which they were processed. We will erase your personal data if it is not necessary.

Is Elfster com legit?

Elfster’s customer rating is 4.69 stars based on 129 reviews. This indicates that customers are generally happy with their purchases. Elfster is rated highly by customers who are satisfied with its service. They often mention gift exchange, customer service, and wish lists. Elfster is ranked 2nd among Christmas websites.


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