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How Can Gimkit Be Used For Teaching? Tips And Tricks


Gimkit, an app-based digital gaming platform that allows students and teachers to learn, is available. This is applicable to both at-home and in-class learning.

Gimkit was created by a high school student who worked on a project. He found game-based learning very engaging and designed the app he would most enjoy using in class.

This app, which is very well presented and polished, offers quiz-based learning in many ways. It also has additional games that will allow you to engage further. This app is certainly fun, but does it work for you?

Continue reading to learn all there is to know about Gimkit education.

What Is Gimkit?

Gimkit is an interactive quiz that asks and answers questions to help students learn. It can be used on a variety of devices, and students can use it on their smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

It is very simple to use and was created and maintained by students. It’s easy to use for students in grades K-12 and has intuitive controls.

The questions are simple, with multiple answer options and boxes that are rich in color. The teacher may allow students to submit questions to be included in the game.

It can be used to teach, as well as as a homework tool by offering class-wide, live, or individual games at the student’s pace. Students will be more motivated to return for more if there is a rewards system.

How Does Gimkit Function?

A teacher can immediately start using Gimkit once they have signed up. It is easy to sign up using an email address or a Google account. This makes it easier for schools that have already set up the system. This is especially true for roster import. Teachers can assign quizzes to individual students and class-wide classes once a roster has been imported.

Students can join class games via email invitations or the website. They can also use the code provided by the teacher via the LMS platform. This is all controlled by a central class account, which is managed by the teacher. This is used for game control, data analytics, and assessment. More information can be found below.

You can host games live where students answer questions and the teacher moderates. It is possible to have the quiz projected on the main screen so that everyone can see it. You can collaborate with others or compete against each other. The free version has a limit of five students. This makes it difficult to use the large screen or group options.

What Are The Most Useful Gimkit Features?

Gimkit has a KitCollab mode which allows students to collaborate with their teacher to build the quiz before the game starts. This is especially useful when students are divided into groups. Everyone wins by the challenge of creating difficult but useful questions.

Kits are the name of the quiz games. They can be made from scratch or imported from Quizlet, imported as a CSV, and picked up from the platform’s gallery, where you can modify them.

Students will be engaged by in-game credits. This virtual currency is awarded for each correct answer. False answers will cost you. These credits can be used for score-boosting power-ups or other upgrades.

There are millions of combinations that allow students to find their strengths and create their individual profiles. You can use power-ups to have a second chance or to earn more per correct answer.

There are more than ten games available, with many more in development to enhance the immersion of the quizzes. These include Humans vs. Zombies, and The Floor is Lava. Trust No One is a detective-style game.

The live games are great for class, but the best thing about homework is the ability to give student-paced work. Although a deadline can be set, it is up to the student when it is completed. These are called Assignments. They are automatically graded.

Teachers can access their dashboard to see student earnings and progress. This can help them decide what next steps to take. The dashboard also allows teachers to see how students performed at games, independent of their academic ability. This is ideal for students who know the answers but struggle with the gaming aspect.

How Much Does Gimkit Cost?

Gimkit can be downloaded for free, but you are limited to five students per game.

Gimkit Pro costs $9.99 per month, or $59.98 each. You have unlimited access to all modes and can create assignments (play asynchronously) and upload audio and images to your kits.

How Can I Use This Tool To Teach?

Gimkit can also be used in classrooms to review or introduce concepts. It’s a mix of Kahoot and Quizlet with unique features. Gimkit can be used for practice or independent practice. However, the live gameplay is engaging and fast-paced. It’s easy to get started. Search for question sets (kits) created by others and copy/modify these for your own practice. You can import question sets from other flashcard platforms or spreadsheets into Gimkit. KitCollab allows students to submit their questions and help you create a kit in minutes. With minimal preparation, you can easily insert interactive review games into your lesson. You can also assign homework to teachers using the assignment feature. Students work at their own pace and answer questions until they reach a goal. Teachers can also use the assignments feature to assign homework.

Is It Good For Learning?

Gimkit allows students to compete in classroom games by answering questions via their electronic devices. Instead of earning points, students “invest” virtual currency to increase their scores. You can play games live, or you can assign them as an independent practice. Students can connect through game codes or a classroom account. They can also play online on any internet-connected device. They can play against one another and collaborate as a team or as a class. Teachers can choose from several play modes and customize the parameters of the game when they launch it. KitCollab mode allows students to help build the game. They submit questions before the game starts. After each game, teachers can download and view detailed reports from students.

Gimkit’s Best Tips And Techniques

KitCollab the class

Ask the class to create a quiz using KitCollab. However, everyone should submit a question that they don’t know. This will ensure everyone learns something.

Test the class

Gimkit can be used as an assessment tool. Before you decide how to teach the class, create pre-tests.

Get groups for free

You can get around the restrictions on pay by having students share a device or using the whiteboard for class-wide projection.


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