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Here are 10 Must-Have SaaS Tools for Your Business in 2022


Here’s an example: When assembling furniture, you realize that you will need a Phillips and not a flat head screwdriver. While looking through your toolbox, it becomes apparent that you don’t have a Phillips screwdriver.

One of the best aspects of being an adult is having a well-organized and organized toolbox. It’s what makes the difference in whether you are able to complete a project on time or spending hours searching for the nearest hardware store.

SaaS tools are the same. In the following article, we will break down exactly what they do and why you need them. Your daily toolbox may need some updating, but your SaaS Toolbox will be fine.

There’s no doubt that SaaS tools and apps related to the business are now more readily available than ever. No matter what business type you are or what service you provide, there’s a good chance you have access to a range of sophisticated, feature-rich apps and tools to assist you. With so many SaaS platforms and tools at their disposal, business leaders can be overwhelmed when choosing the right tool to help them (and their teams).

The market is extremely diverse today; let’s be real. SaaS products are unique and offer a wide range of functions and features. Finding the perfect tool can seem complicated.

Below is a list of SaaS tools and project management software that every organization or team should be familiar with. Before we get into detail, it is important to create a brief outline of your requirements and how you will evaluate available options. 

What are SaaS tools?

Software-as-a-service (SaaS), also known as “on-demand software” or Web-based/Web host software, is a method of licensing software.

SaaS, which is also part of cloud computing, includes platform as service (PaaS), infrastructure as service (IaaS), managed service as service (MSaaS), mobile software as service (MBaaS), service as a datacenter (DCaaS), service as an integration platform (iPaaS), service as information technology management as service (ITMaaS).

Users often access the SaaS app with a slim client via a web browser. SaaS emerged as a common delivery platform for many business software applications, including office, messaging, payroll, DBMS, management software, CAD, development software via a web browser.

Software as a service (SaaS) allows you to offer software to customers and enable them to access it. You will be responsible for managing customer accounts, resource provisioning, account creation, and account management within your software.

SaaS was integrated into almost all enterprise software company’s strategies.

SaaS tools offer many benefits to your business.

SaaS platforms take the hassle out of running a business. SaaS tools often adapt to the size and needs of businesses. SaaS platforms also make it much easier to reduce the manual work required, which leads to less human error as well as increased efficiency.

SaaS tools are able to cover almost every aspect of your business. You can use SaaS to manage your project, sales, email, media marketing, online marketing, customer service, and many other areas.

The biggest challenge in setting up SaaS solutions for your company is choosing the right ones.

  1. Accounting – FreshBooks

Our first list of 30 SaaS solutions for small businesses includes money. For small businesses, planning, budgeting, forecasting, and all associated core accounting, billing, and invoicing should all be important. Plus, the rest of your goal is to get more.

FreshBooks Accounting Tool

An accounting tool platform provides the best SaaS solutions for accounting and finance. It has many benefits for businesses. One of these is the ability to track due dates and quickly follow up on late payment without any disruption to you and the erring party. It automates accounting management and allows managers to handle their financial activities. It can reduce expenses and provide accurate reporting on your financial activities. It improves your financial decisions.

Invoicing is an essential part of project management. This is why teams and businesses are constantly searching for software to help track the time they spend on tasks or subtasks as well as streamline their client invoicing. FreshBooks is a well-known software that can meet this need. It is a reliable accounting solution that transforms tedious tasks like time tracking and invoice generation into simple, enjoyable experiences. This software is ideal for both business and team use to generate professional-looking invoices. It offers an online payment platform that makes it easier for teams to get paid quickly. FreshBooks integrates seamlessly with a variety of third-party apps (Stripe, Shopify PayPal, G Suite, etc.) and offers additional features that can save you even more time.

  1. Project management – ProofHub

Project management software programs simplify project delivery and make it more productive. They make it easier to establish realistic milestones deadlines, tie-up, automate interdependent projects, and keep all members of your team focused on your deliverables. Gantt Diagrams and time- and resource tracking tools are two examples of visual tools that project management software offers.


ProofHub allows you to keep track of your projects and tasks at all times. It is a SaaS-based project management software that offers amazing features for assigning tasks, collaboration on projects, tracking milestones and more.

The tool gives you an in-depth view of your projects, tasks, and more. ProofHub has been made available in AppStore and Google Play. This allows teams to connect using any device. Sign up on today to receive a free trial.

  1. Business intelligence – Google analytics

Business Intelligence (BI), a software package that provides business intelligence, has been added to our list of 30 SaaS products for small businesses. This is due to the fact that these tools have become more affordable even for smaller companies. BI software allows you to analyze corporate data in order to generate quality insights that will help you assess the health of your business.

Google analytics preview

The business intelligence (BI) software systems employ a range of metrics and formulas to measure and compare business indicators. These tools are able to help companies identify their strengths and weaknesses. These systems’ main functions include data discovery, data administration, and report generation. Some also evaluate functionality employee performance, and some others even assess their effectiveness.

Google Analytics is a great tool for gathering insights and performance analysis. This freemium web analysis solution provides all the tools you need to analyze data for your company in one place. Google Analytics can be used to track website traffic and categorize visitors based on traffic type. You can also group them by country. Analytics is a powerful tool that provides analytics intelligence, data visualization, and detailed reporting. Google Analytics is the perfect solution for you if your goal is to understand more about how customers interact with your site.

  1. Live Chat – EngageBay

Companies can use live chat software to provide immediate support for their customers and visitors to their websites. Top live chat software includes text chat and voice as well as video, helpdesk, voice, CRM, and help desk features. There are two main types. One is pro-active chat. This allows website visitors to be greeted by a popup box where they can chat with an agent. The other is broadcast, which allows the visitor to initiate the chat. Live chat software that integrates seamlessly into existing ecommerce, helpdesk, and CRM systems is a must for businesses. A platform should allow users to communicate, share information, make preferences for chat windows and reminders, and have archive and reporting capabilities.

Live chat allows you to respond to customer queries or complaints quickly. It offers you information about customers, past conversations, geolocations, as well as language information. This allows you to personalize and tailor your message for each client. It is a very exciting time to start a business. Live chat can provide a platform for communication and help you generate leads. Through resources like this one, you can find out more about live chat marketing. It has been compiled by some of the most prominent experts in the industry.

engageBay combines all the best features of a marketing, sales, or service platform. The platform was created with small and mid-sized businesses in mind. It also features tools that are specifically designed to enhance your customers’ experience. Customers can access live support to get their problems resolved quickly. LiveChat allows your agents to have all of the necessary customer information right in the chat window. This makes it easier for you and your agents to communicate efficiently and improve turnaround times.

EngageBay allows you to install the live chat widget onto any website. The widget can then be customized to reflect your brand. You can create pre-prepared answers to common questions and then quickly use them in live sessions. This software also allows seamless transfers between service agents so that you can best serve your customers. EngageBay’s powerful metrics and reports allow you to gain valuable insights that will help you improve customer support.

EngageBay’s live chat software works well with their other products. You can also move easily around the platform. EngageBay, in essence, is a great affordable solution for small to mid-sized businesses who want to provide high-quality customer support.

  1. Appointment Scheduling –

Appointment software is also known online as appointment booking or appointment scheduling software. It handles all scheduling appointments and bookings. It can be used for scheduling and appointment arrangements.

You will find top features such as appointment reminders. Employee and customer management. Calendar integration. Advanced features include revenue processing, payment processing, and mobile compatibility. is a trendy online booking system that businesses use to streamline their bookings and schedules. The software is available on every device and allows users to book any time, anywhere. You can modify the booking page as you wish. You can also add your booking site to your company website or social media fan page without any difficulty. Once a booking has been made an automatic reminder by SMS/email is sent to the client. They can also be notified and have the ability to cancel at any time. The system gives the admin; total control over the booking process and provides a great client experience.

  1. Content management – HubSpot

Content Management Software (or CMS) lets you create, modify, publish, and distribute digital content online. While most CMS solutions utilize web browsers to distribute their content, some others offer their own web GUIs and allow users create their own templates.

A good CMS should provide a wide variety of publishing options as well as text editors, filtering and indices features, SEO, and metadata functionality. Users might also enjoy advanced extensions and plug-ins to improve the content’s competitiveness.

HubSpot offers everything you will need to create a powerful website, optimize your website for every device, increase traffic, convert more people to your website, and grow your business. It integrates seamlessly with all your marketing tools. HubSpot CMS is a tool that allows you to easily create and edit a blog post, landing pages, website pages, and emails. You can either choose one of its premade templates or build everything yourself. HubSpot CMS is a content management system that allows you to host and distribute your content worldwide. HubSpot CMS gives you the power to optimize, track, and manage every content that you create.

  1. Customer Support – Freshdesk

Software solutions for customer support include software that can be used to answer queries, deal with complaints, and provide quick and practical assistance. Common features include help desk functionality, ticketing & point of contact, and CRM. Advanced systems also offer lead extraction, registration, and tutorial builders.

Freshdesk offers online cloud-based customer assistance software and ticketing. It is an award-winning customer support software that offers intuitive and practical features that allow for exceptional customer service. It can be used for both small businesses and large enterprises. It offers many key features including collaboration, reporting and customization. The software can also be integrated with Phone Support, Live Chat, Game Mechanics and Phone Support. Additionally, there is a mobile App for Android and iOS which allows you to take your help desk with you everywhere you go.

  1. Document Management -M-Files

You can deliver a project by streamlining your document management processes. Your ability to manage files and documents related to your business will make you more productive at work. M-Files software can help you organize files digitally. Injecting such software into your workflow makes files and documents simple to access. This saves you time that can be used to manage your core operations. M-Files can help you fulfill your content-based business requirements and even make business decisions.

  1. Human resource management – BambooHR

Software tools streamline human resources management, such as hiring, screening, hire, and evaluation. These tools are often used by HR agencies or departments in search of reliable and competent performers.

These solutions offer a wide range of modules, including payroll management, time and expense tracking, attendance, benefits management, and payroll management. Specialized programs also offer features such as fingerprint authentication, self-service portals for learning, and smart report.

A business does not matter whether it is small or medium-sized. They need the best people to do their job. BambooHR, the most popular HR software solution for businesses, is an option. This software offers a simplified, advanced system and features like tracking, personnel data and advanced reporting. It’s a great option for growing businesses. BambooHR makes it easy for businesses to create job openings and share them with other job boards. It also allows you to manage the application as they arrive. It is a powerful tool that can be used to find talented employees.

  1. Website Builder – Wix

Website builders software can be used to build websites without needing to modify any code. SaaS vendors often allow site owners access to open-source or commercial software. These types of complex solutions are called Content Management Systems.

Every business should have a professional website. This is a great way to showcase your products/services. Wix allows you to build a website online for very little or no cost. Wix provides everything you need, no matter if you’re building your first website or you have a constant need for new website designs. Wix ADI allows you to build unique websites and apps using advanced functionalities. Try it now!

Still skeptical about SaaS Solutions’ Power?

SaaS for small business software is something that your business should be using, but you may be selling your business short. While your competitors are making great strides, it’s possible to get behind you. It’s not too late. Learning which SaaS products your peers–and competition–love gives you an idea of where to start.

SaaS is growing in popularity and acceptance by small businesses around the globe. This trend will likely grow in the future. There are so many benefits to SaaS, such as the easy pay-per-use arrangement, flexibility, and customization, as well the automatic updates that make it a compelling choice, and you don’t have any reason to stay away.

We also recommend that you check out other guides that carefully review SaaS software products and categories. This will increase your knowledge of this powerful type of software for business.


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