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Heardle: How And Where To Play This Music Game


Since Wordle took over the internet earlier this year, there have been many imitators trying to achieve the same success.

Many of these word-based guessing games are ripoffs. However, others have used the Wordle structure to create other types of guessing games.

A new company has taken Wordle’s winning formula and put it to use using songs, rather than letters, in its version of the game with a similar name.

Heardle has now gone live. Its creators describe it simply as “Like Wordle, but for music.”

This new game, Wordle, is a copy of its predecessor. Players only get six guesses, and the puzzle updates every 24 hours.

The game’s description reads: “A respectful tribute to Wordle with a musical twist.”

“Each Heardle is randomly selected from a list containing the most streamed songs of the past decade. All artists are given our sincere appreciation and all copyright.

Soundcloud, Tailwind, and Noto Serif Display are used in the game.

Omakase, an independent studio, is the creator of the game. They describe themselves as music lovers who love building cool things such as Heardle!

They encouraged players to support them by writing: “We’ll keep improving Heardle so everyone can enjoy it.”

What Is Heardle?

Heardle is a guess-that song game loosely based on the Wordle viral game. Heardle is an independent game that can be enjoyed without being influenced by the shadow of similarity that reminds you of its origin. Heardle, like Wordle, is a daily guessing game in which players have to guess the song of each day. This is done using rationed portions and takes 6 chances.

It is described by the Heardle makers as a “respectful tribute to Wordle with a musical twist.” The challenge uses popular songs from well-known artists. They are selected based on criteria that are both random and systematic. This test will really test your spontaneity and ability to identify a soundtrack in the shortest time span with minimal cues.

Heardle requires more than luck. You also need to be a music lover with a diverse and varied personal music library. You can also read the hidden hints in the game to increase your chances of winning every time. But, before we dive into the gameplay, let us learn more about the rules and background.

Where Can I Play Heardle?

Heardle is an online game similar to Wordle that anyone can play from any computer or smart device (smartphones, smart TVs) via the web page

  • Play Heardle at heardle. app, or simply click here.

The Heardle site does not have a domain. However, you cannot download the Heardle app from any app stores like Play Store and App Store. It’s completely web-based, and anyone can visit it and play. It is possible that it could be modified and made more detailed to make it a mobile app.

Every day, the game resets with a new challenge at 12 AM (local time) each day for all players. Heardle was a new member of the Wordle community. However, it has received a lot of love from both players and media for its unique spin on the viral word guessing challenge.

How To Play Heardle

Simply put, Heardle players have to try and guess the song of today from its first seconds.

Each round will see three seconds of music, and players will attempt to identify the song by each piece of audio. The audio clip will be extended by three seconds if there are incorrect or missed guesses.

The autofill pop-up box allows players to type in their answers. It will then display a list with auto-filled songs and artist options.

These are the steps:

  • Listen to the intro and guess today’s song.
  • You can unlock more songs by correcting or skipping guesses
  • Share your results and guess correctly in as few attempts as possible

The timer at the bottom shows that 30 seconds have passed. After each incorrect answer, more of the song is played.

Pop music lovers will love the game. It is both satisfying to guess a song within a few bars and frustrating to try to guess it while you are trying–not forgetting the many songs with similar intros that trick people out.

Like Wordle, players can share their results using the now-ubiquitous social media-friendly grid.

Heardle has been growing in popularity on Twitter, where players are sharing their results and complimenting the game for being entertaining.

Understanding The Heardle Rules

Each day, each player receives one challenge. Each player gets six chances to correctly guess the song from Soundcloud. These are all attributes that can be easily evoked by the Wordle games. Let’s explore the Heardle rules and unfamiliar elements now.

Heardle does not have grids for word guesses. There is no on-screen keyboard to input letters. Instead, there are 6 boxes that allow you to enter the song you think to be the answer. The clues are not given in green-gray-yellow colors. The game doesn’t even use colors. You may be wondering how you can guess the song in six guesses.

Easy! Heardle’s hints are audible in nature. The player is given fractions of the first 16 seconds of a song at intervals to stimulate the brain and inform. You can trade an attempt at a hint for another fragment of the song, but not both at the same time. You can choose to either enter a guess or skip the chance of getting an audio hint.

It might seem easy to choose, but audio tips for winning make it so much easier. But it’s not! Here are the visual clues to the game.

Each game has a predetermined playlist of songs that will prompt you when you type your guess into the search box. If a word or letter appears in any song on the list, all prompts will be displayed for you to choose from.

These track title prompts are still small compared to the amount of musical knowledge you need to make headway in this game. Heardle does not rely on highlighted words but only on audio clues. This is the only rule that you can hold onto as you tackle the hurdles of Heardle.

Here Are 5 Tips To Help You Win A Clean Win

Every Heardle challenge begins with a 1-second audio hint about the song of that day. You might be able to find the song by using this tiny hint. If we are betting on probabilities, it is possible that most players will need to attempt at least two or three attempts to find the songs within a given game streak.

There are several ways to brighten the Heardle board’s dark streets. Let’s take a look at them.

Enjoy the beat

The Heardle team stressed that the solution list does not include tracks from pop music. Pop is a very broad genre, and it blends seamlessly with all other types; therefore, you can think of “hit tracks from the past decade” when you listen to the clues.

You can now refocus your attention on the booming front of hit stations and the songs you might have heard on the radio. However, 1 second is not enough to correctly guess a track. This is especially true when you consider sampling, the inevitable phenomenon of song resonance and similarities, and how they are synchronized in beat and rhythm.

“Skip” a guess

This is how Heardle’s system of guessing works: when you enter or skip guesses, a small portion of the song is released to you in fractions of a second. You can skip the first guess and get another second. If you skip the second guess, you get 2 seconds more of the songs released. 3 seconds are available if the third guess is skipped. The length of the audio hints increases by seconds according to where you are.

If the track is ‘inexpensive from its heyday,’ then maybe 2 seconds will be enough to make your heart swell with joy!

You can either take it slow or race against the clock.

Heardle does not impose any obligation to skip a guess. You get sound fragments for each guess, whether you skip them or use them. What is the point of the Heardle skip button? It doesn’t seem to work against the postulation that the game can be completed in fewer moves.

It’s not true. The scoring grid does not show how many guesses you need to find the song. However, Heardle also displays the time it took to solve a challenge on your personal result board. Additionally, you don’t have to guess incorrectly to progress in the Heardle games, unlike the rule that you must guess a valid word in order to receive another turn in the Wordle games.

You don’t want your public scoreboard to be filled with black titles that indicate skipped turns. Instead, you can just enter any random word, and it doesn’t even need to be a song. Skipping or using a guess to pace yourself is just one way of doing so. You can do it in any way that suits your preference.

Get the song “search-box” to reveal more clues.

You can search the SoundCloud bar to find the songs you are looking for. The developers recommend that players choose songs from the song list. This is why: when you listen to a hint fragment and guess it’s a song, you can enter it in the search box to submit your entry. You can remove a song from your candidacy if it isn’t on the Heardle tracklist.

While you can’t find any clues in the song list beyond confirming that a track is present in the game library, prompts in the search box could lead to a sudden burst of insight like the name or title of a song. This is not a realistic possibility, however, as you must know the track in order to win Heardle.

Heardle cheat tool

It can be represented numerically as 1+1+2+3+4+5 – the sixth and final guess will give you 16 seconds to make an informed guess. You can skip the final guess if you wish. If you are still struggling to understand the song and want to guess the correct answer, it is time to get out of your cheat tool. Hello, Shazam!

Only a handful of songs can Shazam identify on the planet, but the List of Pop Songs through the Past Decade shouldn’t be included in the “not discovered” list.

Heardle: How To Unlock Past Games, Region-Locked Sounds, And More

Heardle embeds SoundCloud tracks into the game — an excellent and likely the only way to avoid copyright strikes or legal conundrums. SoundCloud can also limit the game’s reach due to the restrictions placed on certain tracks or platforms.

VPNs are a great way to avoid any region-related problems. We have detailed all the details in the article linked below. If VPNs are not blocked in your area, you can use a fake IP address to access the challenge track on Heardle.

To play Heardle Past, you can only change the system clock manually on your computer or mobile phone to create a time-traveling episode. We may have to use the traditional notions of time and the loopholes in machine logic to play older Heardle games until developers or loyal Heardlers give up on us. To learn how to play older Heardle games, check out this article.

Heardle Score And Statistics: Overview

The Heardle scoreboard or result sheet is not very fancy, but it’s still impressive for its simplicity. From a player’s point of view, the results board has three highlights: 1) the winning guess for the current round, 2) the time it took to complete the daily challenge, and 3) the streak and stats. The players can only see the last two.

Although time is not a factor in the game, it does play a role. It is purely to stroke your ego as a walking-talking-living Shazam; that is all there is to it! The result can be shared by clicking the share button. This will allow you to compare your results with other Heardlers via social media. You will have more bragging rights the fewer guesses that you make!

Instead of grids, there are six columns within a horizontal line that represent a guess. The red columns signify a wrong entry. Black ones signify a missed guess. Finally, the green column is the correct guess to win the challenge.

You can view your game stats, including the winning percentage, total games played, game progress, and current and maximum streaks, back on your game page. These elements are not new. The layout has a cool, techno feel that made me pause and take in the design more.

An original spin-off, which started out as a small music appreciation game among friends, suddenly became popular — this is Heardle. Developers are having trouble keeping their servers afloat because players are flooding in large numbers. This doesn’t tell you anything about the game’s quality, but I think only experiencing it in person can help you to appreciate it. You should play it now, heardle.


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