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Does Typeracer Make You Type Faster?  


If you’re anything like me, you likely tap many keys during your day. Let’s take typing seriously. Learn how to improve your typing speed and productivity, as well as the many benefits that typing efficiency can bring.

I’m able to type for around 2,000 hours per year and produce 20,653,395 keystrokes each year. This got me thinking: if I can increase my typing speed by five percent, I’ll be able to generate two additional weeks of work every year. Math. You can also take two weeks off each year. You are the boss.

For most professional jobs, typing is a requirement. To be considered for certain positions, many employers require that you have computer skills and a high typing speed.

Have you tried any of these typing tutoring programs? It’s boring!


Launched in March 2008, TypeRacer allows users to race against each other in a typing speed test. It is intended to teach typing to adults and children, and it can be used to entertain and make learning fun. TypeRacer is used by millions around the world and has been shown to improve typing speed by up to 50 words per minute.


To get started, sign up or play anonymously in the typing games. Registering will allow you to view your scores on the service’s homepage. This scoreboard is updated in real-time. You can also view progress reports and typing speed reports via the “My Scores” tab.

Basic games use quotes from movies, books, and songs. Your progress is displayed in real-time. You can play this version for free and even start without creating an account.

Typeracer can be integrated into classrooms by teachers who purchase the TypeRacer School Edition at $79/year. This package can be used by up to 35 students. It also includes a private learning environment that you can create on the internet for your students. Teachers have more control over the games and can also decide the text students will type. Race can be used by creative teachers to teach history or introduce new literature.


TypeRacer can be used at no cost. TypeRacer School Edition costs $79/year. Volume-based discounts are available as well as packages that cover the entire school or district.

Ease of Use

Getting started with Typeracer requires no prior experience. It takes only seconds to start the game. TypeRacer reviews have shown that both old and new typers can improve their typing speed by 50 words per minute.

Customer Support

The only way to get in touch with TypeRacer via an online form is by calling them at Support is not available via chat, phone, or email. TypeRacer isn’t very active on social media channels, but they have pages on Facebook or Twitter.

It’s time to race!

If you’re anything like me, competition can bring out the best in you. I suggest that you hop onto: and discover a fun way to improve your typing skill and speed.

TypeRacer allows you to race other users by typing a small amount of text. It’s a simple and beautiful website. This game is also great for kids who are just learning to type. It has been added to some of our company meetings. This is done to end on a positive note and spend a few minutes improving the typing.

Warning: TypeRacer is addictive. Side effects include mild euphoria and cognitive development.

Easy-to-digest science

Aalto University, Finland, and the University of Cambridge, UK, published a study in 2018. They studied the typing habits of 168,000 volunteers.

The researchers found that while it was beneficial to practice keystrokes and use skill drills, the most important thing for improvement is time spent at the keyboard. You must practice, practice, practice, and continue practicing.

Repetitive mistakes at work can lead to productivity losses. When you are typing, it is important to spend some time not looking at the keyboard. You decide to participate in TypeRacer if you are serious about winning (as you can see, it is addictive). Accept that you may finish last against some of your competitors.

According to the study, it is also recommended that you learn the “roll over” technique.

This is where you can learn to start to depress the next person before letting go. You can also practice the words you use most often. Example: “the.”

Most scientific typing studies focused on the use of typewriters until 2018. There are subtle differences between typing on a computer keyboard and on a typewriter.

Roll over technique, for example, can cause errors and sometimes repeat letters when used on a typewriter. Keys can become stuck together. Computer keyboards use less power per keystroke. This allows for faster movement to the next key.

TypeRacer launched in 2008 and is the first online multiplayer typing game. They claim to have helped millions improve their typing speed up to 50 words per minute (wpm). That’s a masterstroke if you ask me.

The average person can type 10,000 keystrokes an hour. If we multiply that number by eight hours of work, including breaks and lunch, it would be 70- to 80,000 keystrokes before one punches out. ).

This could translate into a weekly total of between 350,000 and 400,000 keystrokes per week. Add that to the number of weeks worked each year. We will assume that 30 days is the average time off, or approximately 4 and a 1/2 weeks. This does not include holidays and sick time. It could be 46 to 47 workweeks. For most office workers, the total number of keystrokes per year could be anywhere from 18,400,000 to 18,800,000. This doesn’t include typing at home or in your favorite coffee shop.

*Some skilled typists such as paralegals, coders, and writers may perform more keystrokes per year. The average would not include construction workers. However, you and I are both slower at framing and drywall-hanging than these skilled and indispensable workers. Practice makes perfect.

The possible results

A good typist can open up many job opportunities for those with quick and accurate typing skills. In general, a speed of 55 to 90 wpm would be considered efficient.

Many industries have been completely transformed by the advent of the computer.

Ratatype, a tutor and website that teaches typing, claims Stella Pajunas was the fastest typist ever. She used an electric IBM typewriter in 1946. She could type at 216 wpm. However, the average is 44 wpm (for men) and 37 for women (perhaps women are more cautious).

We can probably take Pajunas’ record because scientists have indicated that an adult reader can read at 270 words per minute. My theory is that we might be able to type as fast as reading soon.

637 wpm is the world’s fastest speaker. It was hard to tell what he was selling. Was he trying to get out of a dangerous situation? He might have been nervous. Sorry, I’m rambling; I am typing way too fast.

Ratatype, like the scientific study mentioned earlier, encourages practice.

“Practice is key to becoming a professional typist or any other typer of significant skill. We will repeat it again, just so you are sure it sinks in. Practice, practice, practice.”

As I mentioned, I believe that a modest improvement of five percent will result in a savings or generation of approximately two weeks each year.

Let’s see what more efficiency means for a career. You will be more productive, get promotions, and raises, and you can even practice delegation. You can also get another person to type.

Get up to speed while you wait. It is possible to make it fun and competitive while still having the determination to succeed.

We wish you all the best, and we hope to see you at TypeRacer.


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