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Cirkul Review: Must Read Before You Buy


You’re likely to have had some sugary drinks in your life. Flavored drinks can be expensive.

Cirkul water bottles are a rare item in a highly-sought field. It’s more than a water bottle. The system uses cartridges to flavor water and allows you to make the infusion that you desire.

Cirkul 32oz Stainless Steel Bottle & Comfort Grip Lid are some of their most popular models. You can enjoy a delicious and healthy drink at a reasonable price.

Let’s get into it!

About Cirkul

Cirkul is the latest #hydration trend that has hit your social media accounts.

The brand revolutionized water consumption by offering over 40 flavor options in 6 beverage categories. Its BPA-free water bottles are eco-friendly and safe.

Many Americans are trying to buy their Cirkuls thanks to the recent TikTok campaign. These orders brought a variety of features from publications such as Glossy or The Business Journal. They also included over 202k fans on Facebook.

You might have seen the latest hydration trend on TikTok, or maybe you came across it while looking for ways to improve your health. Whatever the reason, you can take a look at this Cirkul Water Bottle Review to see if this brand is worth the effort before you click “Checkout.”

We will discuss the brand, and its top-sellers, show customers what they think about them, answer questions, and much more to help you decide whether they are worth the hype.


The Cirkul 32oz Stainless Steel Bottle & Comfort Grip Lid are a great way to improve your hydration experience.

The water bottle can be used with a Sip flavor cartridge, which Cirkul refers to as a flavor cartridge that is free of artificial sweetener and color, as well as calories. Cirkul Sips are available in many flavors to enhance your drinking experience.

The flavor dial allows you to adjust the level of flavor in every sip. This dial lets you switch between plain water and flavorful beverages in less than a second.

The higher the dose, the less often the sip can go back. A weaker infusion setting may last for up to 6 hours.

The Cirkul 32oz Stainless Steel Bottle & Comfort Grip Lid can keep your water cool for up to 8 hours. It is made from stainless steel and has double-wall insulation. Let’s take a look at all its features to see if this bottle is worth the investment.


  • There are 40+ Cirkul flavors available
  • Sugar-free & zero calories
  • No artificial ingredients
  • BPA-free stainless steel and plastic bottles
  • Each cartridge can be used 6 times
  • Affordable prices
  • Eco-friendly
  • Orders over $15 qualify for free shipping


  • Shipping times can be long
  • Some customers complain about poor customer service
  • International shipping is not available
  • Accepts no returns

Cirkul’s product range doesn’t end at standard-sized bottles or cartridges (aka Sips); it also includes mini bottles, accessories, and filters.

The brand’s website is easily navigable with a flowing, water-like design. Fitting, right?

This Cirkul Water Bottle Review will focus on the brand’s water bottles, Sips, and subscription packs. Let’s get to the point.

Cirkul Water Bottles

Cirkul can help you get the best out of your water. You’ll find information about the Starter Kit and everything that comes with it.

Cirkul Starter Kit

The Starter kit is the best option for those who have just discovered Cirkul. This helpful bundle contains everything you need to enhance your water experience. It includes both the Cirkul bottle as well as the leak-proof lips, which can be washed in the dishwasher.

Two of the most popular Cirkul cartridges will be available to you – Fruit Punch and FitSip Mixed Berries.

This Cirkul Water Bottle Review should be clear: The brand limits you to one per household. You won’t have the ability to buy one for your friend.

Cirkul Mixed Berries

You lose magnesium, calcium, and potassium when you sweat. These are three essential nutrients that your brain and body need to function well. Sugary sports drinks and water won’t do the trick.

Cirkul reduces the sugar and packs all of the flavors in a 20mL pack of water-enhancing fuel.

This Mix Berry flavor combines delicious blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries to make a refreshing post-workout drink.

Cirkul Fruit Punch Review

Fruit Punch is a classic that you will find yourself reaching for time after time. This refreshing yet subtle flavor is a key selection from the LifestyleSip range. It’s enhanced with Vitamins to keep you sharp and your body working efficiently.

This delicious blend of grape, pineapple, and apple is typically a mixture of grape, orange, and lemon.

Cirkul Tropical Blast

Tropic Blast will take your taste buds on a wild adventure through the jungle. This cartridge is part of Cirkul’s fitSip line and contains electrolytes that will help your body replenish vital minerals.

You will feel a mix of mango, banana, orange, and mango on your tongue. There are sweet notes of coconut as well as pangs of citrusy lime.

Cirkul Cartridges

Get your favorite flavor! You can find out more about the most-sold cartridge plans in this Cirkul Water Bottle Review.

You will receive a water bottle and a comfort grip lid with your order. You can always adjust the number of cartridges that you receive each month if you feel you need more.

No matter how many subscriptions you make, the cartridge flavors below are all available.

  • LifeSip: To improve your daily routine. These cartridges are filled with flavor and vitamin B. You can choose from 12 flavors, including Strawberry Lemonade or Watermelon
  • FitSip: When you are active, you sweat. These 5 flavors are great for replenishing electrolytes.
  • GoSip These buzzy drinks come in 8 flavors, including Citrus Twist and Cherry Limeade.
  • PureSip: Taste the difference without sugar. You can choose from 8 unsweetened flavors like Pineapple and Tangerine.
  • TeaSip: Your favorite flavored teas. Choose from Raspberry Tea and Peach Tea
  • BrewSip: These iced coffee cartridges will give you a boost in your morning energy levels. You can choose from four flavors, including Caramel Iced Coffee.

Are Cirkul Cartridges Safe?

Cirkul ingredients are free from artificial colors and sugar. Sips are free of calories and rich in flavor, which is a rare feat for healthy products.

Some flavors of the brand contain Stevia, which is a natural sugar-free sweetener that’s both keto- and diabetic-friendly.

Cirkul is a natural ingredient that helps you drink more water. This is a very healthy practice and one we all could benefit from.

Is Cirkul Worth It?

You may feel confused if you have just finished reading the Cirkul Water Bottle Review. We understand that online shoppers are often plagued by unauthorized charges or missing orders.

However, we can say that these issues are not common across the board. The BBB received complaints from those who wrote, and the brand was able to resolve them. Despite the F rating, the brand clearly tried to make things right with its customers.

We also give them a bit of a break as they have just received a large influx of customers through their TikTok campaign. We think shipping will be back to normal.

Cirkul is an excellent choice for your lifestyle because of many reasons. Cirkul offers many Sips and can help you drink more water. They also offer great customer service.

We recognize that ordering from Cirkul can be problematic, but we believe their products are worth the purchase.


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