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5 Effective Online Tools for Making Working from Home Easier


With the Covid-19 pandemic pushing us all to work from home, many of us are looking for ways to make adjusting to the new normal easier. Fortunately, there are some helpful online tools available that can streamline productivity, enhance communication, and help manage job duties and responsibilities. In this blog post, we will be exploring 5 effective online tools that can help make working from home easier.

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1. Video Conferencing Tools

With the widespread use of technology, many people are now able to work from home. People who are away from their office desks are still able to stay connected to their colleagues and clients which is made possible through several online tools. One great tool for working from home is video conferencing tools. These tools offer a great way for remote teams to stay connected, brainstorm solutions and collaborate effectively. Popular video conferencing tools include Zoom, Skype, and Google Hangouts, which allow people to connect with each other through video, talk, and share documents. This can make it easier to transition to working from home and collaborate with ease.

2. Work Management Platforms

Work management platforms are essential tools for making working from home easier. These platforms allow users to create and assign tasks, due dates, and deadlines, ensuring that tasks are completed on time and correctly. Additionally, many of these platforms have collaboration tools that help multiple people work together virtually. There are several popular options, such as Trello, Asana, and Monday. These platforms are user friendly, making them great for the non-tech savvy individuals. In addition, they have a variety of features to suit the needs of any team or individual. Using a work management platform is a great way to keep projects organized and to make working from home a little easier.

3. Time Tracking Programs

Time tracking programs have become invaluable tools for many remote workers, a lot of whom find themselves trying to manage complicated time management challenges in an unstructured environment. With the right tool, you can easily keep track of the amount of time you’ve spent on specific tasks and projects, helping to ensure you stay on schedule and efficiently allocate your time. Time tracking programs also provide useful insights into your work habits, allowing you to quickly identify and address any potential efficiency issues. A good time tracking program can also be used to monitor employee activity, letting you know if certain tasks are not being carried out effectively or if certain goals are not being reached. This can help you take a hands-on approach to managing your remote team’s productivity. Whether you’re an individual worker or need to track time for an entire team, a time tracking program is an essential tool for anyone working from home.

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4. Collaborative Document Editors

Collaborative document editors make working from home easier by allowing multiple people to access, edit, and store documents in one location. Google Docs, Microsoft Word Online, and Dropbox Paper are three popular options. These services make it much easier to collaborate with coworkers and keep track of documents while working remotely. In addition, they allow you to work on documents together in real-time, with comment and chat features so you can communicate with your colleagues. They also offer other features, such as easy document sharing and saving to multiple cloud-based services, to make working from home simpler.

5. Cloud Storage Solutions

With an abundance of online tools for making working from home easier, cloud storage solutions are essential for collaboration and sharing of essential work-related documents. Google Drive and Dropbox are both great options that feature user-friendly interfaces and secure data transfer protocols. It allows you to store, share, and collaborate with colleagues on documents, spreadsheets, and other important files related to your work. By storing files in the cloud, your data is safe and can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Additionally, cloud storage solutions have many features like versioning, advanced search capabilities, and the ability to integrate with other popular services. Not only are cloud storage solutions secure and convenient, they help make working from home easier and more efficient.

In conclusion, working from home can be challenging, but there are several online tools that can make the process easier. From video conferencing tools and work management platforms, to time tracking programs and cloud storage solutions, there is a wide range of options available to help you manage your work and collaborate with remote colleagues. With the right tools in place, working from home can be made much less stressful and can help keep you connected with your teams while staying productive.

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